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This is a question Cheating cheaty cheats

I'm rubbish at cheating. I was asked to help run a stall at a local fair. We sold squares on a treasure map for 10p a go, with the one closest to the "hidden treasure" winning stuff.

I told my sister where it was. I'd not really thought through how obvious this would be. I've kind of avoided cheating since, what have you cheated at? Confess all, it'll make you feel better.

(, Thu 17 Nov 2005, 10:14)
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I only cheated once in my life.

When I was about 5 I got Guess Who for Christmas. When assembling the two boards I put them in sequence with one another so that I could work out who the other person was when they put down theirs on the first go. Quite ingenious for a littl'un - I even waited a few goes before guessing as not to get caught.

Everyone thought I was a child Guess Who Prodigy until my uncle worked out the very simple sequence... I'm still not trusted on my own with board games to this day.
(, Fri 18 Nov 2005, 15:58, Reply)

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