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This is a question Childhood Ambitions

HoratioFellatio writes:
"At the tender age of 13, my little hairless clockweights squirted their first dose of testosterone into my blood stream. The result was a mental alarm clock shouting, 'I NEED TO LOOK AT GIRL'S FANNIES.' I reasoned that if I became a Gynaecologist, I'd get to look at fannies all day.

"It was only when I reached the age of about 16 and learnt about STD's and yeast infections that I realised I'd only ever get to see diseased ones."

Tell us about your childhood career ambitions and the moment at which your aspirations crumbled into a pile of broken dreams.

(, Thu 29 Mar 2007, 12:02)
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I too longed to be famous for potions and chemicals and such like.

This all began as I closed my copy of Roald Dahls 'Georges marvellous medicine' proclaiming it to be a great read and I was off upstairs to do some 'research' into my new found aim in life.

I spent a few hours putteng EVERY BOTTLE OF EVERYTHING in the house IN THE BATH and mixing it around using Unstablemums besterest wooden spoon.

Things went wrong thusly,

*Unstablemum had to unscrew the lock on the bathroom door as I had passed out due to the noxious fumes, twatting my head on the sink in the process.

*Concussion ensued.

*The bath was stained a lovely delicate blue.

*I had no pocket money for WEEKS.

*The bathroom took months before it smelt normal, the fumes having infiltrated the carpet and the wallpaper.

I never mixed anything again.
Till I found alcohol.
(, Thu 29 Mar 2007, 14:17, Reply)

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