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This is a question I don't understand the attraction

Smaug says: Ricky Gervais. Lesbian pr0n. Going into a crowded bar, purely because it's crowded. All these things seem to be popular with everybody else, but I just can't work out why. What leaves you cold just as much as it turns everyone else on?

(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 14:54)
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The Mighty Boosh.
I have no particular story or rant to go with this; they just seem half-arsed to me. I think I laughed at one of their jokes once.
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 15:05, 12 replies)
I agree
Noel Fielding in any other context is good, such as team captain on Buzzcocks
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 15:07, closed)
Uh, not really
1. say something random
2. grin like a retarded twat
3. goto 1.

sums up about everything I've ever seen him in
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 15:47, closed)
I concur...
...having seen his Noelness at a London comedy club before the Boosh apparantly became teh bomb. He was the headline act, and spent 30 minutes prattling about his "ram's legs" without raising so much as a snigger from the audience before muttering something about being "too alternative for this audience" and flouncing off stage.

A better alternative would have been someone funny.
(, Fri 16 Oct 2009, 9:28, closed)
The other one
Was good in Nathan Barley
(, Mon 19 Oct 2009, 15:15, closed)
Yeah but frankly that wasn't very good
While the TV Go Home stuff was genius
(, Mon 19 Oct 2009, 15:40, closed)
I agree as well.

(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 15:21, closed)
I like it :(

(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 15:25, closed)
Maybe one laugh per show
maybe... the radio show was better; you might get a couple of laughs for your half hour with that.
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 15:32, closed)
To be fair the first TV series
Is a much better version of the radio show, same gags an all.
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 16:17, closed)
It's so unutterably shit
that the funniest thing that's ever been on that show is when the chap's trousers split when he was pretending to be a goth.

Turgid student in-jokey rubbish. As shit as Vic Reeves' Big Night Out, which was extremely shit.
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 17:21, closed)
it's stupid as hell
but i like it
(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 20:33, closed)
I concur
Bugger this silly bollocks
(, Sat 17 Oct 2009, 21:27, closed)

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