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This is a question Controversial Beliefs

Some mugs still think the MMR injection gives children autism (it doesn't), while others are of the belief that we're ruled by billionaire lizard people. Tell us about views outside the mainstream which people go glassy eyed if you bang on about them (Your grandad's a racist - no need to tell us, thanks)

Suggested by Frample Thromwibbler

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 12:06)
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Mark Chapman did the world a favour. Imagine? Imagine if Lennon had lived.
All those cunts that worship Lennon don't ever bother to stop and think what it would have been like if he had.
And I don't mean hilariously crippled like Superman, I mean if he hadn't been shot AT ALL.
It'd be TWICE as bad as it is now with Paul McFucknutCarthy.
He'd be advertising shit all the time like Johnny Rotten with his butter and Iggy CUNTING Pop with his fucking car insurance. And you KNOW there'd be xmas records. Oh fuck, just thinking about the xmas records he'd release makes me want to PUKE. Just imagine it, an xmas record EVERY FUCKING YEAR, like Cliff fuck-knuckle Richard, only WORSE. because he'd have to have his ghastly harridan of a wifebeast wailing along in the background on them all too.
Mark Chapman should have been given a fucking MEDAL for sparing us all that.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:16, 18 replies)
Lennon was a colossal, grade-A wanker.

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:24, closed)
Say what you like about Lennon, but his heart was in the right place.
Chapman was relying on it, in fact.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:36, closed)

(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 1:12, closed)

He might have had a couple of good years doing voiceovers for Postman Pat, or something.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:27, closed)
This ^

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:32, closed)

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:33, closed)
I like The Frog Chorus

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 23:11, closed)
Yeah The LOVELY woofcot, it IS fun bokking frisboy over the head to the tune of that so that you go BOK BOK BOK
and he responds with Ow Aaaoow!
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 23:27, closed)
^This. HARD.

(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 0:18, closed)
I dunno so much
Your post made me glee but had he lived, no doubt he would have shown himself to be the wanker he was.

The trouble is that after his murder, he was more or less beatified by so many.

His singing was so bloody whiny and I think "Imagine" was the biggest load of tosh.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 1:11, closed)
It's ok. I never said this a full 6 minutes before Stuj.
I don't need any kind of acknowledgement. It's fine.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 1:26, closed)

(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 1:33, closed)
I'll make it up to you babes
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 1:50, closed)
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 9:22, closed)
But it made such a fine ending to "The Killing Fields"

(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 9:39, closed)

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