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This is a question Conversation Killers

ThatNiceMan asks: Have you ever been talking with people down the pub when somebody throws such a complete curveball (Sample WTF moment: "I wonder what it's like to get bummed") that all talk is stopped dead? Tell us!

(, Thu 12 May 2011, 12:53)
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A couple of years ago, I was at a mate's funeral. It wasn't a happy occasion; he'd hit a tree, and because he was divorced and his firm kept no records of his ex or kids, they hadn't got to his bedside while he was still conscious.

So far, so bummer.

But: someone had brought his satnav in, as Grimsby Crem is noted for scrotes doing cars during services. Just before his son got up to the reading, a disembodied voice said "You have reached your destination".
Dead silence, followed by muffled snorts from half the congregation.
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 20:37, 11 replies)
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 22:10, closed)

Classic!! *click!*
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 22:33, closed)
And win.
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 22:51, closed)
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 23:40, closed)
I hope I go that way.
Assuming the device knows the way to Hull, that is...
(, Fri 13 May 2011, 0:38, closed)

(, Fri 13 May 2011, 10:46, closed)

(, Fri 13 May 2011, 12:02, closed)
I *so* fucking want that to happen at my funeral
(, Fri 13 May 2011, 19:17, closed)
I would piss myself
if this happened at my funeral:)

Although given i'd be dead i'd already have done so - oh you know what i mean
(, Mon 16 May 2011, 23:01, closed)

And click'd.
(, Tue 17 May 2011, 12:51, closed)
Before the topic closes:
Here's a link to Andy's obit, in the newsletter of the .org I help run: www.pdafund.org/news.html, low down on the right. Brilliant bloke and a sad loss to not just his friends and family but St Johns Ambulance, where he was made a Serving Brother, something they don't hand out with the milk.

Sleep well mate, you earned it.
(, Wed 18 May 2011, 13:23, closed)

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