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This is a question Creepy!

Smash Monkey asks: "what's the creepiest thing you've seen, heard or felt? What has sent shivers running up your spine and skidmarks running up your undercrackers? Tell us, we'll make it all better"

(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 13:57)
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I am the courts reporter for a newspaper.
So far, most of what I've read here hasn't gone to the level of what I see in court files almost daily, including details of murders, rapes and people doing horrible things to children or the mentally retarded (yes, sexually molesting the mentally incapable). No matter how jaded I get, someone always manages to do something to shock or disgust.

One man -- a firefighter -- had been molesting his stepdaughter since she had been 10 years old. When her mom moved on to another man, she elected to stay with the firefighter/stepdad.

When he grounded her in seventh grade (about 12 years old) for coming home late, he made her a deal -- he'd rescind if she did him three "favors." A friend who is into BDSM was aghast at the things he did to someone, much less a child (no, I won't give details). Some things he did are, in times of war, refered to as attrocities and would shock Amnesty International. I couldn't finish reading the probable cause affidavit.

During the man's sentencing, where his lawyer actually argued for no prison time beyond time served, a therapeutic program and probation, the prosecutor said that some of the worst things he did weren't even put into the probable cause affidavit.

From the stand, the victim yelled at her former stepfather that she could not even relate to kids her own age anymore because of what she'd experienced.

A friend of the stepfather's mother insinutated to me after the sentencing that the girl had initiated everything and was far from innocent, as if a child could conceive of such things.

Everything connected with this made me want to shower for hours, scrubbing away just to get it off me.

Movies, video games, caterpillars, ouija boards and bad dreams? Seriously, most of us live far too comfortable lives if that's all it takes to give us the creeps.

I will give credit to the Unit 731 and Akinwale Arobieke entries, though. That's what creeps me out, the levels that we as people can sink to.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 17:47, 11 replies)
So what did he get in the end, a suspended sentence?

(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 18:21, closed)
I don't recall
Had to check my old stories file

He faced up to 150 years, but the plea bargain put it at 28 years maximum, including any probation. The judge gave him the full 28 years, but with good behavior, that could mean 14 years total. If so, he'll be 52 when he gets out, or up to 68 years old if he has no good behavior.

I do recall that the judge was amazed that his lawyer asked for no prison time and for the convict to live with his mother in Arizona (this happened near Chicago) while receiving "treatment."

From the story:
"In his 28 years sentencing child molesters, "this is by far the most egregious case of mistreatment -- sexual mistreatment -- of a child I have ever seen," Bradford said."


"According to court records, Parsons had been molesting the girl since she was 10 years old, but when she reached seventh grade, he began using restraining devices regularly, some of which he devised in his garage and some of which used firefighting equipment from his service on the South Haven Volunteer Fire Department."

The girl made multiple suicide attempts by the time of the sentencing.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 18:39, closed)
Are you saying that bad things happen in this world?
and this qotw should be some sort of sick top trumps?

dull story by the way.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 18:29, closed)
I'm saying that most of the stories show how comfortable many of the people here are (not all, given some other stories I've seen posted here).

This QOTW seems more like play acting than others, trying to one-up someone at a slumber party -- or slamming people in troll post replies for not letting you get those jollies or habitually challenging people in mock-intellectual ways so you can feel a sense of one-upmanship.

Maybe it's because I've talked to Holocaust survivors, survived an abusive father, dealt with children whose skin has been burned off, spent nights up late with molestation-victim friends who are having breakdowns and a number of other things that I really have trouble sympathizing with someone creeped out by bugs or choosing to be freaked out by movies and video games.

As a reporter, I like a good story, but I can tell I won't get one in this QOTW and won't return to read anymore.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 18:57, closed)
While I can understand what you're saying, it can take all levels of creepy to unsettle someone. You're also being pretty ignorant for assuming that anyone who finds a video game or movie creepy must have a "far too comfortable life".

Ever think that some people don't want to post anything that hits closer to home for personal reasons? Or that an experience like you describe, for them, is far worse than just "creepy"? Or that they have experienced one of the things you've listed, but they still dare to find something a lot less serious creepy?

This is about things that gives you the shivers, the creeps, not about listing what horrific situations you've either seen or been a part of. Don't be so judgemental when you don't know the people behind the screen names.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 19:37, closed)
"Maybe it's because I've talked to Holocaust survivors, survived an abusive father, dealt with children whose skin has been burned off"
that made me lol.

I'm sure some of the people who've posted some of the more lightweight stories have darker experiences in their past. I find the misery porn duller than the slumber party stories.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 21:28, closed)

I never cease to be creeped out and shocked at what people can sink to.. especially involving their own families.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 18:45, closed)
As I stated, no matter how jaded I get, someone always manages to shock me again.

The latest is a serial molester -- once an elementary-school teacher who never got charged and recently a group-home overseer who was molesting the severely retarded.
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 18:59, closed)
And you are happy that you and your newspaper are profiting from all this?

(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 21:11, closed)
Many people will share a jokey WTF?? OMG!!1! story rather than the REAL creepiest thing they've ever seen though.
We don't come on here to bare our souls.

The details of the worst thing I've ever seen will go to my grave with me and I bet I'm not alone in that!
(, Sat 9 Apr 2011, 19:32, closed)
Yes, I've let a pretty sheltered life too
But I know some things and have seen others which I don't usually talk about. Reporters, ambulance people, police, nurses, firies see it all the time but most of us don't, or maybe just once in a great while.

What ChiTownGuy describes is rare but it happens and probably more often than we once thought. But also less often than some people who have axes to grind would have us believe.
(, Sun 10 Apr 2011, 0:35, closed)

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