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This is a question Creepy!

Smash Monkey asks: "what's the creepiest thing you've seen, heard or felt? What has sent shivers running up your spine and skidmarks running up your undercrackers? Tell us, we'll make it all better"

(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 13:57)
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Like Venice, but shitter!
St. Petersburg, Russia.

I've been here for nine months or so now, and even late at night I still get the fuck creeped out of me down by the rivers and in amongst the old buildings here.

Very disturbing.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 15:05, 3 replies)
Cheers Amorous Badger...this creep's for you!
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 15:02, 87 replies)
Unfortunate Bob
Bob was a boy in my class at primary school. 'Unfortunate Bob' we called him, due to his highly impoverished background and low intelligence. Not for Bob, things like reading, writing, or weekends away with the family. His was a simple life of Dairylea, illiteracy, and the occasional fight – one of the few things at which he excelled. He had no real friends, and no real enemies. He was just there, being unfortunate.

Through some quirk of that age, my friends and I incorporated him into our circle for a few weeks one summer. Our stomping ground were the fields and brook near my house, and many an idle day was squandered throwing bricks in cow pats or jumping from trees into hay bales.

Bob, being knew to the clique, suggested one day that we explore beyond our usual four-field perimeter

Nervous glances were shared between the three of us in the know.

"What's up?" asked Bob.

"The haunted barn's in the next field along," I explained. "And even if you don't get as far as the barn, the farmer's always watching with his binoculars. I swear down, he'll chase you and bollock you. Called the police on my brother not long ago. Swear down."

Unfortunate Bob, though, was as bold as he was thick. "What, that old place? I'll go in there," he announced. "Not scared of anything, me." My friends and I muttered quietly, and decided we'd watch from the barbed wire fence. We weren't fools. Headless horseman had been spotted riding around that barn recently, and my brother swore he'd seen the apparition of Dead Steve there (Dead Steve was a local man who, unsurprisingly, had once been found dead. He didn't get up to much after that.)

Fresh faced and eager, Unfortunate Bob clambered over the fence and squat-ran like a mongy commando 100ft through tall grass .. to the haunted barn. From a distance, we watched as he scuttled around in his tracksuit, looking for a doorway. He disappeared round the corner.

Five minutes went by.
Ten minutes.
Twenty fucking minutes.

We began to fret. Should we go and get him? What if something had fallen on him and he's trapped? What if something GOT him? Over the next sixty seconds the three of us worked ourselves up into the kind of terror frenzy that only a child's imagination can create and sustain. Eventually, pacing and crying, I got the courage to break the spell and scream "BOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Alright lads!" he chortled as he strode back into view, swinging an old dead rabbit round his head. "It's eyes are out! Funny as fuck!"

Bob, you were a spastic.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 14:30, 3 replies)
How dreams came true.
As I have stated before I have experienced a fair few weird things, I do have a slightly over active imagination; but when these things are witnessed in sobriety day light hours it is a tad difficult to rationalise. The fact I just love all that goes bump in the night (and day) sometimes means people are less likely to believe. Anyway I digress.

The rolling pin going missing is one - how would that have been possible? How what where when why??? But realistically speaking, it may have been a shit practical joke played by someone... Only choice would be my father who is Victor Meldrews grumpy cousin. Still a possibility though.

But 2 'happenings' I find hard to explain - This may be a roasted pea:

16 in last year of GCSE, I have a vivid dream, of the large plate glass type (think pub) mirror falling off the wall of the bathroom flipping over coming to a rest on the other side of the room. Odd thing to dream about, but its vividity (is that a word) was such I decided to tell my best mate. Infact it played on my mind so much so that I think I bored him to death with the whole dream.

About a month or so goes by, and the dream has come true. Dad (first to wake up) goes to open the bathroom door, but couldn't, the mirror was wedged leaning against the wall next to the door proping it shut. Mirror completely unbroken - even though it had fallen hit the marble top sink counter, flipped over and was about 2 meters from its original position.

Why would I dream that???

This happened this year, 2 months ago ish... I woke up early 7am ish having had an odd dream. It was a Saturday so I was a bit miffed, when I have a hangover I find it hard to sleep in. This dream was off a family friend, well a friend of my mums. I can't really recall exactly what happened, but I 'felt' she had died. Fast forward about 2 hours I am faffing about still in bed, determined not to get up so early - when the phone rang. This is not a normal time we receive calls, I was not going to get up to answer, so I let it ring out. nearer 9am it rings again. I knew who it would be... it would be news of this family friends death.

It wasn't, it was her husband - well impending. He had been taken very ill into hospital, and well he did pass away a week or so later. Now to put this into some form of context, although a family friend (well a friend of my mum's) my mum hadn't really seen her or spoken to her for a fair few months. So it wasn't as though she would be calling frequently... I have no great connection with the family, I have very little feelings either way to them. I have never dreamt about them nor really thought about them before. But to know that one of the couple are ill in hospital, a few hours before being told is really rather creepy. Coincidence? Probably
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 14:28, 20 replies)
We Walk.
This is the penultimate track on Murmur by REM. It starts out as a fairly simple little jangle... but then, towards the end, there're strange crashing noises in the background.

It sounds like the monsters under your bed have opened a timberyard.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 13:49, 1 reply)
Salad Fingers.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 13:09, 3 replies)
Pet Taxidermy
I know a woman who had her dead cat stuffed and mounted.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 12:57, 13 replies)
Never Mind The Bermuda Triangle
There's a Rhubarb Triangle in West Yorkshire. Creepy. I f*cking hate rhubarb...
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 12:44, 3 replies)
As far as creepy cartoon/animations go, this takes the fucking biscuit
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 12:13, Reply)
Somebody is gonna have a creepy granny in about 40 years
...assuming it ever breeds

(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 11:59, 26 replies)
Alan Garner
Especially Weirdstone & Owl Service. I remember a teeth-itching, claustrophobia-inducing cave-crawling sequence, and lying in bed, looking for scary patterns in my 70s curtains.
*Edit:Hadn't seen insomniac surfer's post - d'oh*
Also Katzilla & the Resident Evil post remind me - Vampire Bloodlines - particularly the abandoned hospital & asylum/mansion sections. The soundtrack as much as anything...
*dusts off*
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 11:37, Reply)
I know many other find this picture horrific

But I've never understood why. I mean, look at how cute the murderous fucker is!
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 11:19, 7 replies)
Fenella the kettle witch
Chorlton and the Wheelies.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 10:54, 11 replies)
My mum told me a story
of someone she worked with who used to live on the road next to mine. Anyway one day he drove into town, and happened to pass a balloon on the way. It was filled with helium but had a weight on the string so just kind of bobbed up and down by the side of the road. He noticed it and kind of mentally put a story together about how it ended up there, who bought it etc. So he did his shopping in town, and arrived back home about an hour later. He opened his front door, and carried in his shopping from his car boot. After putting it away, and maybe having a cup of tea, he went upstairs to his bedroom, only to find the balloon floating just above his bed. CREEPY

I remember a piece of art someone made at school once, to view it you had to look through the keyhole of a door. So I took a look, and inside was a paper maché child and man/goat thing sitting back to back, tied to chairs. It's always stuck with me, and now at night I get scared looking outside windows in case they're there looking back at me.

Also what's really creepy is reading these stories in bed in the early hours of the morning on your ipod in the dark. I was scared to follow any links in case they'd give me nightmares.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 10:40, 2 replies)
I suppose it is already posted....(my first post at B3ta, don´t be rude!!)

(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 10:09, 22 replies)
Back from the dead...
Back when keeping pet hamsters was cool, guess what? Yes, we had a hamster. As was the usual course of events it eventually passed away. My sister discovered his lifeless and motionless corpse when she attempted to sequester him for his morning exercise routine. She was only about 7 at the time so the whole traumatic experience made her quickly become overcome with emotions and she rushed off in tears to fetch my dad. My dad,ever the consummate professional when it came to matters which required emotional integrity, displayed his usual sense of decorum and consideration by announcing on arrival at the scene of the dead rodent, "Mmm...yes it looks rather dead". Sensing my sisters complete and utter dismay and the current turn of events he then deigned to console her by saying, "Don't worry, we'll bury it when I get home from work". The exact words my sister then howled through her snot and tears escape me now, but they were suffice to say sufficiently moving to have my dad move the funeral forward some several hours to the morning.In fairly short order a funeral procession was making it's way out to the garden being lead at the front by a dead hamster majestically perched on the end of a small garden spade.

A burial ground was chosen post hast and we all watched as dad, who was resplendent in his work suit and shocking pink tie, got to his knees and dug a small hole to dispose of our most recently deceased family member. The rodent was unceremoniously dumped into the hole as the musky smell of the malboro hanging from dads lips drifted across the mourners.Dad's curt "Right!", pretty much signalled the end of the burial and we all shuffled back inside to start the difficult and unloved task of getting ready for school.

The death played on my young mind for some time after that, but by the time I had my school shoes on most of the grief had subsided. When I arrived at the school gates and had a quick game of footy I had all but recovered my composure and by the beginning of first break I had all but forgotten we even had a hamster. The crushing realisation of the sudden tragedy that had befallen our family was brought back into my consciousness in a surreal and creepy manner when I returned home that afternoon.

My sister found the corpse of the hamster on her bedroom floor not far from the scene of his former home. His dirt covered body lay motionless on the floor. Seemingly back from the dead was he trying to make his way back to his cage? My sisters poor mind exploded into implausible howls of confused tears. We all rushed to the scene and for the briefest of moments the logic of this whole surreal event threatened to elude us. However, as this all unfolded our dog Benji quietly slunk out of the room and was scarcely to be seen for the rest of the day.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 9:35, 6 replies)
Air raid sirens
Air raid sirens in the 1980s. Not the new fancy electronic ones, but the proper WW2-style type. The tested them every wednesday at noon, when i was at school, to let you know that the soviet missiles still were aimed at you. It sounded like the howl of a giant wounded metal animal straight from a Terry Gilliam movie. It always gave me a good scare for a few seconds until realisation that it was only the weekly test. And they look a bit scary too, with their rusten metal helmets.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 9:22, 11 replies)
99% of you will think I'm wrong
but when I saw The Blair Witch Project at the cinema it rather shit me up.

It is actually a very well-told horror story if you listen closely.
The tale of the witch/guy who used to kidnap kids then make them turn around and put their hands on the wall while he killed their friends was very nasty.
Especially when later on in the film when the last 2 characters go searching through the house and BAMMMM! there on the wall are hundreds of handprints.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 9:22, 12 replies)
Shower curtains
Going to the toilet/washing my hands in bathrooms when the shower curtain is pulled across.

Creeps me out no end as I always think there is somebody/something behind it.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 9:12, 7 replies)
An ex of mine refused to sleep with the cupboard door open....
She said the boogy man would get her in the night. She was 27 at the time.
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 8:41, 7 replies)
I can't quite recall how it happened, but Michael Jackson's Thriller shit me up so bad as a youngster I got a total phobia of it. Not the video, somehow, but the music - I could watch the video with the sound off (albeit in genuine discomfort) but if I heard the music I had to run out the room.

This is just CREEPY! *runs away screaming*
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 4:47, 3 replies)
That bit in Ghostbusters
With Sigourney Weaver and the chair

(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 4:42, 5 replies)
Deja Vu. Dead people.
Ive had a run in with both of these over the past couple months. (Cant prove the second one, no.)

Deja Vu -
Just started helping out with a new bar till it gets more staff etc. First time I step into it, take the alarm off, bring the lights up and so forth I freeze up. I couldve sworn id been there before, and it only got creepier when I went upstairs and already knew my way around. (no, im not half pidgeon.)

Dead people -
Closing up time at a different bar, getting all the drunks to go home so I can go home "Nah man, just 5 more minutes!" grr..
Little staircase out of the bar, im going up and looking at the stairs, think I hear someone coming up behind me. turn around, and feel like im knocked to the side a little, and im sure I seen something moving in the corner of my eye. Give them the standard "Oi were shut, get lost" but when I turn around, theres nobody in sight. nobody in the street outside either. Didnt like that!
(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 1:37, Reply)

(, Wed 13 Apr 2011, 23:39, 5 replies)
Just about every childrens Tv series in the 70s
Anyone remember that very creepy European folk tale The Singing Ringing Tree?
Why does it seem like most of the kids shows in the 70s were based on creepy otherwordly themes?
I rewatched Children of the Stones recently and although it didnt creep me out as much this time, still a very odd series, Catweazel, The Owl Service, The Moon Stallion, Raven, The Changes.
But the one that still gives me the shudders, I cant remember what it was called.
Something about whatever a girl drew became real, there was a creepy boy shut up in a house in the middle of nowhere and evil standing stones that in my mind may have had red eyes surrounding the house and creeping up on it.
What was in the minds of the people showing stuff like that to impressional kids?
And of course as has been mentioned by several people already, the public information films, jeez
(, Wed 13 Apr 2011, 23:31, 9 replies)

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