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This is a question Creepy!

Smash Monkey asks: "what's the creepiest thing you've seen, heard or felt? What has sent shivers running up your spine and skidmarks running up your undercrackers? Tell us, we'll make it all better"

(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 13:57)
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Sweet Christ, he was terrifying.

My main man for creepiness though is Micky Dolenz out of The Monkees. After watching endless reruns of The Monkees when I was a little girl, I had a nightmare about him where everyone in it turned into him. Managed to make it home to my ma and gave her a hug only to look up and see that it wasn't her and was the man himself.

He really and truly creeps me out and it doesn't help at the moment that some hilarious japesters that I know have set up a twitter account and a facebook account and are requesting that I follow and friend him. Jeepers. *shudders*
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 17:50, 10 replies)
The Number Taker
He is a character on a cbeebies programme called Numberjacks and he is far too creepy for toddlers. I feel like hiding when he rocks up and starts to hoover up stuff with his extenda-arm.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 17:28, 4 replies)
The Straight Story.
It may be my imagination because I know who directed it, but I swear there's an air of tension and, at times, almost sinister undertones in this otherwise happy-happy joy-joy film.
It reminds me of Aphex Twin's Avril 14 -- poignant and beautiful but with an air of malevolance I can't quite put my finger on.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 17:25, 3 replies)
Could be on my own with this one
Some mornings i have the misfortune of switching the telly on at the start of kids show The hoobs.i don't know what it is about that blue fucker who appears in a t.v screen at the start,but the way it stares out just makes my arse pucker a bit!
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 17:10, Reply)
It certainly made me go.
When I was about 14 my big sister had been asked to house-sit at the local vicarage in the village while the owners went on holiday. That winter the snow was thicker than I'd ever seen and in the evening she rang up to see if I'd like to come over to watch a video with her. I jumped on my bike and ploughed through the snow for about two miles before reaching the place. Together we picked a video out and I made her wait before putting it on while I went to the toilet. She gave me directions: upstairs and halfway along the corridor that went the whole length of the upstairs floor. As I sat there in the loo, I heard my sister walk along this upstairs corridor, past the door and then stop. As I came out of the loo, I looked to my right to see what she was doing there but there was no-one in sight. I ran down the stairs and she was sitting on the sofa, just as I'd left her.
"What were you doing upstairs?" I asked.
"I haven't been upstairs" she said. Now I started to get worried.
"Don't mess me around" she said, seeing the look on my face. "You know I've got to stay here tonight. Stop telling stories."
"Someone walked down the corridor and past the toilet door!" I said in a very shaky voice "and if you think I'm staying in this place to watch a video, you're very mistaken."
With that, I ran out of the vicarage, got on my bike and cycled all the way home in the dark and the snow, leaving my poor sister alone. Nearly thirty years later and I've never apologised.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 17:07, 1 reply)
I get get creeped out by the commonplace sometimes. It just gives me a chill of nihilism and a kind of sucking inevitability. For example in Blurs "Common People" the line "with wood chip on the walls" really scares me as it is just so inescapably hopeless but summed up with a tiny piece of interior decoration. Any film involving the happy domestic life of the American Midwest. Up In The Air made me petrified of the nice average that so many people aspire to.

It is not that I want or expect more it is simply that I hope there is more to life than that.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 17:04, 15 replies)
Post Heart Surgery
A bit over four years ago, I needed open heart surgery to repair a defective mitral valve. Three "creepy" things:

1) Two nights before the operation, I was sleeping in my bed. I woke up around 2am, and standing at the foot of my bed was my ex-wife. There were several strange things about this; firstly, I was living about 8,000 miles away from where she lived, in Sydney. Secondly, she had died eighteen months earlier. And finally, she was dressed in her "going away" outfit from our wedding, 25 years previously, and appeared as if she was the young, attractive 19 year old that she was when we were married. She spoke to me - "Don't worry, we will be back together soon." I knew I wasn't dreaming - I could hear other sounds, saw my (current) wife sleeping next to me.

2) Just after the operation, when I was in the ICU recovery area, tubes stuck in me (ever tried peeing in a tube stuck up your jap's eye?) it was shift change for the ICU nurses. There was one nurse for every two beds - and my nurse was briefing her replacement. After she told the new nurse what had been done to me, she said "They had a lot of trouble starting him up again." - referring to the point in the open heart surgery when once your heart is back inside your chest, and they have reconnected all the blood vessels and all that stuff, they get the little paddles to zap in back into pumping. That filled me with no end of confidence....

3) The next evening, now in a normal (single person) hospital room, I was trying to sleep. My chest hurt like buggery - after all, I had been assaulted by a doctor wielding a circular saw, had a vital organ pulled out... you get the picture. And I still was peeing through a plastic tube. A creature appeared at the end of my bed, long fingers, pale white skin, looking like the classical undead. He reached out towards me, and said "We missed getting you this time, but we will be back." Behind him, there was a progression of spirit like forms crossing from my room to the corridor.

I didn't sleep well for the rest of the week. But a pleasant highlight was when a young, attractive nurse removed the catheter from my old fella.... (sadly, the length wasn't up to his usual extent)
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 16:49, 6 replies)
When i was a lad(late 70's early 80's)there was a kids story program called Picturebox,the opening credits consisted of a revolving box(surprisingly)made of gold and purple glass.what creeped me out was the theme music (still does).check it out on you tube and tell me i'm wrong.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 16:45, 8 replies)
I thought i couldnt be scared.
Then i stumbled upon 3 guys 1 hammer.
And now i know what fear is.

Fear that people can behave like that and not show emotion.

Do not google it unless you are emotionally strong.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 16:37, 4 replies)
A few folk have mentioned Ghostwatch so I thought I'd post y'all this linky


it's a sequel of sorts written by the guy who did Ghostwatch, Stephen Volk. It's not too long and definitely worth a read.

(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 16:28, 1 reply)
This so called act was very disturbing and creepy to a young mind.

Why dear god? Why were they so popular?
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 16:10, 15 replies)
I was sitting in my living room with a few friends the other day
And I swear to god it felt like there were other people in there.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 15:54, Reply)
Another David
Not his 'amaaazing' tricks or feats of 'super-human' endurance blah blah blah.
Him, himself, the way his is, speaks and comes across on camera. Freaky. If there are aliens on this planet, I'd happily let them abduct him and probe merrily away in his nether regions for his secrets, and I'd be a much happier person.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 15:36, 5 replies)
David Tennant post Doctor Who
Where did the Scottish accent come from?

Anyone who replies with 'Scotland' will have to do 100 hours community service with [insert random b3ta troll name here].
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 15:23, 41 replies)
So I was in prison...
Before I went to uni I worked for the summer doing admin and answering the phones at Shepton Mallet nick in Somerset. After being there at day or two, the Security Officer decided to show me around. Going down thw wings was a bit un-nerving for a law-abiding young whelp like me, but we crossed the empty exercise yard, went through a side gate and before us was a tall, square brick-built structure.

As soon as I saw it my blood iced over and I got an immediate, overwhelming sense of fear and despair. It actually stopped me walking. I've never felt anything like it before or since. Utter solitary dread and misery so strong I could taste it. It was as real as any emotion I've ever felt. The Prison Officer nodded to the building. "That's the execution shed."

Once we'd moved past it, back into the safety of the main building, the feeling started to pass. But as my guide was saying cheerio and leaving to do his regular shouty Prison Officer stuff he said to me, "I see you got hit by the lonelys. Don't worry. There's blokes worked here twenty years who won't walk past the Shed."
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 15:00, 10 replies)
I find the /talk obsession with paedophilia a bit creepy.
They seem to spend their whole lives online, twisting every interaction between adults and children into a supposed opportunity for "noncing". Why would somebody spend so much time thinking and talking about it like that….it’s not right.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 14:39, 39 replies)
Did anyone say the Outer Limits?
The Outer Limits! All of it!

And the invisible guys in that one X-Files.

Also that bit in Beetlejuice when they go outside and it's worms.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 14:27, 3 replies)
That bit from Twin Peaks
Where the little dancing guy speaks backwards.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 14:17, 6 replies)
When I was 8
I watched this, and I - as many people across the country - believed it was real.

Ive since seen videos of it, and it still is very convincing. Imagine Most Haunted, but believable, and eventful.


Anyone remember it?
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 14:13, 11 replies)
sorry for another movie but....
Silent Hill the film, made me feel ill.

I watched with the curtains closed in the middle of the day, had to go sit down outside afterwards i felt....wierd.

Those creatures are fucking horrible and the big triangle face man thing was just mental, whoever imagined those fuckers was insane/brilliant
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 14:08, 5 replies)
that bit on House on Haunted Hill

not where the security guy has his face missing, its the jerky way that the guy moves on the monitor, found that really really unnerving.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 14:01, 1 reply)
Weeping angels my arse
Robots of Death were creepier. Well, I was only 5 at the time, but still... (apologies for the advert, but it is the BBC)

(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 13:55, 1 reply)
When Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on at The Palladium...
...I saw Lionel Blair walking down Villiers Street dressed as The Childcatcher.

Lionel Blair dressed as The Childcatcher is creepy enough.

The fact that Villers Street is by Embankment and The Palladium is about a mile away at Oxford Circus and he had clearly chosen to walk all the way down there in full costume is even worse.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 13:08, 3 replies)
Dr Who episode called 'Blink'
The episode where 'weeping angels' statues come to life when not being looked at. It now makes me look at graveyard statues twice to see if they've moved.
TV programmes don't normally have this sort of effect on me but this was an exceptionally well written episode.
Those who've seen it will probably know what I mean, I recommend having a gander at it on BBC iPlayer (if it's available)
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 13:05, 4 replies)
Ghosts on the underground - rather fun - bumps in the night, as told by station staff, contractors, etc:
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 13:00, 1 reply)
Apols, this may be a pea.

So, to set the scene, many, many moons ago when I was at college, the "in-thing" was ouija boards. I did not care to indulge,but my boyf of the time did. This incident happened when I was at home (in another country) in bed asleep.

My bedroom at the time overlooked a parking area which was always well lit and so made my bedroom pretty light. One night I woke up in absolute terror. The bedroom was beyond pitch black -not an iota of light at all. It was so dark it was almost physical. I was so terrified that I couldn't move. I felt that there was something in the room with me, but I couldn't turn my head to see (not that I would've seen anything anyway). I lay there thinking that my time had come & I was going to die. That was the only coherent thought I had.

Then, the phone rang. Instantly, light flooded the room and I could move. I answered the phone and it was my boyf, totally hysterical. He kept on asking if I was alright. I said that no, I wasn't and explained what had happened. He then started apologising. He said that he & his mates were doing the ouija, when he asked it "do you know my girlf" and it said "yes". He asked it my name, and it spelled it out. He then asked if I was ok, and it said "no". All this happened at the same time I was asleep. It still creeps me out to this day and I even cry a little at the latent fear it's left...
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 12:31, 2 replies)
A rational explanation
As I was passing on the stair,
I met a man who wasn't all there
Then he took out a big knife
And made me buy his shoelaces.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 12:22, 7 replies)
Ouija boards.
Not all of them.

Just the ones where the glass moves without anyone touching it. Because there's no way that could be someone consciously or unconsciously making it happen.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 12:15, 3 replies)
Little girls in general
But particularly in The Shining, and in League Of Gentlemen.

"If you don't let us we'll tell daddy that you touched us and we know how to make it sound real."
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 12:04, 1 reply)
Proper creepy
I was sitting in the park with my splendid other half and his friend, when a large family set up camp nearby. There was one Dad, several Moms, and lots of girls all under 10. The Dad was playing football and tick with the girls when one of them came a-wandering over by us. ‘Oi, don’t go over there’, the Dad shouted, ‘Come back here and play, stay by me’, then glared at us as if we were sent straight from hell specifically to torture his family.

5 minutes later a man appeared standing about 20 feet away. One hand firmly in his trouser pocket and Special Brew in the other, he was staring so hard at the girls I though his eyes would fall out. The Dad knew he was there, spotted him almost immediately, and did not say one word. He was there for about 20 minutes. Sometimes he’d take a few steps closer if the Dad was away from the group. Then he’d back away again if he caught any of the family or any of us three looking at him. Eventually he walked off, hand still in pocket.

It was the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long while. How brazen this man was to just stand there and stare at little girls. And how strange it was that the Dad didn’t say anything.
(, Tue 12 Apr 2011, 11:52, 3 replies)

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