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This is a question Inappropriate crushes

As a teenager I was obsessed by my piano teacher - I hated playing the piano, but carried on because she was so lovely. OK, it was because she used to wear very plunging necklines.

I even stopped practicing because the worse I was, the more she'd sit at the piano to show me how to play a piece and I could stand behind her and look down her top.

Aaaaargh. Confess your own crushes so I don't look like a breast-obssessed stalker.

(, Thu 28 Sep 2006, 10:42)
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Speaking from my very own mouth, I can tell you that I’m quite the heterosexual man. I love women. I love their bodies. I love kissing women on their taste-full lips and tits and second pair of lips. I love making them feel special, I love making love to them and doing awful, unmentionable things to them that would make Casanova himself blush. I enjoy the occasional strip club and the attention I get from the “entertainers” for carrying cash.
Random play with a girl while both of us are in half drunk state at a party is always fun, and nothing beats the feeling of having the weight of the opposite sex on you. Also, like many of you, I constantly withdraw from the wank-bank birds I have an eye for. Well all this seems quite normal (I would assume), except…well…my inappropriate crush is this man:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ajax from the Warriors (mind you, the character in the film not the actor himself). He’s so hot and such a bad ass. I wish I could “go faggot” with him…Ahem…well I’m trusting you with this secret so please refrain from clicking “I like this.” No really. Please stay away from that button.
(, Fri 29 Sep 2006, 21:32, Reply)

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