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This is a question Cunning Plans

I once devised a totally foolproof cunning plan to attract the attention of bikini-clad women, which - as you might imagine - failed miserably. Ever come up with a cunning plan for something? Did it work? What went wrong? Do you look back through the filter of the years with a burning sense of shame?

Suggested by Ring of Fire

(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 11:57)
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Dishing the dirt
A cunning plan to minimise washing up & related chores

1) Have 2 dishwashers installed into your kitchen
2) Own exactly enough crockery & cutlery to fill one of them, and no more
3) Keep them all in one dishwasher. As you use them, place them back in the other one.
4) When that's full, simply run the cycle, then begin moving things in the other direction.

Hey presto: no need to ever empty the dishwasher and put stuff away.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 12:07, 17 replies)
I know this is tongue in cheek
but fuck me, it's a good idea.

I'm chucking the washing machine out tonight and getting another dishwasher.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 12:10, closed)
But you still end up forever stacking or unstacking the dishwasher
whether it's to put stuff away or put it into the other dishwasher.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 12:10, closed)
I am seriously contemplating this...

Have a click for ingenuity.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 12:18, closed)
This is a great idea
and kinda does away with the need for a cupboard to store the crockery etc in. so its ctually a space saver too.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 13:16, closed)
this plan just gets better and better!

(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:47, closed)
Our work has this system
unfortunately one of them has been broken for the past two weeks leading to a load of stuff just being piled up waiting for the unbroken one to finish.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 13:36, closed)
great idea.
My Mrs and I (ooh Get me all Royal like)have a constant competition to see who gets out of doing the unload...whoever opens the machine first after its done it cycle is in the frame for it.

God my life is empty.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 14:24, closed)
Can't you just do this with one dishwasher?
Just keep taking clean stuff out then put it back when its dirty.

When theres more dirty stuff than clean stuff set it going.

Hey presto, self cleaning pots cupboard.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:01, closed)
You mean this?
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:07, closed)
Doesn't this assume that every piece of crockery/cutley is used equally?

(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:17, closed)
you'd have to have very regimented meals
or meal requirements
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:48, closed)
Every meal is beans on toast.
Weren't you paying attention to the last qftw?
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 15:52, closed)
Stop causing trouble
you just need to adapt.

So you have to eat soup out of a gravy jug with a salad fork every now and then. You'll live.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 16:46, closed)
We have a dishwasher........
the kids generally 'store' crockery in their rooms to form emergency penicillin experiments. The wife uses the dishwasher as a botulism lab, due to her aversion to washing up small amounts of plates and putting them in the machine BUT NOT CYCLING IT TILL ITS FULL!!! AAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

There, thats better. Have a click.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 17:52, closed)
I have had two dishwashers for a number of years
on the ends of my arms. I fecking hate those bastard machines.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 20:34, closed)
I thought they were a good idea until I went to have lunch at my gran's, who has one.
Every plate, every cup, was literally squeaky clean. It was HOOOORRIBLE. I ate my lunch without trying to touch a thing and then she asked me to help unload the whole machine!

I will never, ever own a dishwasher! I would die of starvation.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 12:06, closed)
The old MD at my office had this.
He was incredibly rich, and his wife was heir to some big booze company, and he lived on an "isthmus" in the Lake District.

He just didn't see the point in unloading the dishwasher if his staff weren't around.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 11:17, closed)

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