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This is a question Dodgy work ethics

Chthonic asks: What's the naughtiest thing a boss has ever asked you to do? And did you do it? Or perhaps you are the boss and would like to confess.

(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 13:36)
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How I fucked up my career in finance.
I once worked for a large organisation which provided publicly funded cheap loans exclusively to students. I had the pleasure of working in the collections department. Whilst still a student myself. The ironing was delicious.

Anyhoo, in exchange for beer/rent tokens I set about those debt stricken (ex) students like a particularly hungry leech would feed on a defenceless baby abandoned in a swamp.

Turned out I had a flair for debt recovery. I had a particular knack for convincing piss poor debtors to sign up to payment plans that would make bill gates wince.

I became numb to it. It was second nature. The point came that I would sometimes even enjoy it.

I excelled and caught the attention of my superiors. I was given additional legal responsibilities. Alongside putting the shits up the poor I would also get IVA and bankruptcy documents through so that I could help carve up the meagre assets of those who were pushed that shade too far.

This went on for 3.5 years. One day I just fucking snapped. I took a call from a woman who lived in chelsea. As soon as I heard the C word I thought I would go in for the kill. She must be rolling in it I thought. Then I read the notes. This woman, in her mid twenties, lost her parents a few years back and found herself looking after her two younger siblings along with a butt load of financial difficulties.

She was all for hanging up on me, explaining that I was pretty low down in the pecking order of creditors.

That's when it hit me. I had to leave. So, before I took steps to end my debt recovery career I explained to this woman that if I could finalize a payment plan for the next 20 years at 10 pence a month I could take the entire amount of £24 by card over the phone then and there. Knowing that the system would kick it straight back out I sent confirmation of the payment plan to her by email and post, then told her to take a note of my full name, department, managers name, date and time of the call and the reference number for the extensive note I put on her account. Then I took the payment, thanked her for her time, ended the call, put my stupid headset on my desk and walked out. It was a gorgeous day and, as I walked down the street, I looked back and saw the building I used to work in bathed in sunshine. I dug my camera out and took a picture. Then I turned on my heels and left the bastards to it, hoping that I had managed to polish a microscopic patch of my dark heart and blackened soul.

I ignored all their calls. They kept paying me for another 6 weeks. Karma?
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 22:38, 10 replies)
Forgive me if this is a stupid question
But doing that had what effect, exactly?
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 23:16, closed)
If they make her an offer and accept payment based on that offer, her debt is cleared...I think

(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 23:29, closed)
it meant she was tied in to a payment plan
Which cost her £24 for 20 years rather than the £80 per month my former colleagues would be looking for.
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 23:30, closed)
Oh right fraud then
Now I see why that ended your financial career.
(, Fri 8 Jul 2011, 9:43, closed)
nope, no fraud
Just a lack of adherence to departmental policy which did not allow for payment plans of less than £5 per month. I also gave her the number for the CCCS and her local CAB in case any of my former colleagues tried to bluff their way out of the payment plan.

Anyhoo, had a look at your profile. Glad I make you moist!
(, Fri 8 Jul 2011, 10:03, closed)
Robin Hood style.
Well played OTT.
Thank cr3 for the moisture.
(, Fri 8 Jul 2011, 10:29, closed)
Thank you for being honest.
It is worth it.
(, Fri 8 Jul 2011, 19:27, closed)

You seem to think that you getting an extra 6 weeks of pay is karma coming back to you. After working there for 3 and a half years, inflicting long term hell on those least able to afford it, you better hope there's no such thing as karma or otherwise best of luck with your dick cancer.
(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 0:37, closed)
best of luck you say
Thank you for your kind words.

I take it you worked for a token penny per day at a shiny happy charity after you left prep school.
(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 8:12, closed)

Well, this is all very friendly, isn't it?

Good on you for cutting someone in hardship a lovely deal and having the guts to walk out of a terrible job.
(, Mon 11 Jul 2011, 18:29, closed)

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