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This is a question Dumb things you've done

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done to yourself?

We're keeping this one open for two weeks to allow you to get up to stupid stuff and send it in.

(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:36)
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Has anyone else ever absent-mindedly thanked a cash machine?
...or is that particular idiocy reserved solely for me. And yes, I was stone cold sober I'm sad to say.
(, Tue 25 Dec 2007, 16:06, 10 replies)
That'll be me
Done that far too many times, it's worse when there's a queue behind.
(, Tue 25 Dec 2007, 16:30, closed)
I have a friend who *always* says 'thank-you' to ATMs
But she's a bit mental anyway.
(, Tue 25 Dec 2007, 17:02, closed)
walking away without the cash? i've never gotten more than 3 steps away but it's embaressing when there's a queue :(
(, Tue 25 Dec 2007, 18:53, closed)
Walked away without the cash?
Yep, done that.
(, Tue 25 Dec 2007, 19:36, closed)
I see you have a rather bad case of "British". May I suggest at least a week in the Middle East supporting the wrong side; that should sort your manners out.
(, Tue 25 Dec 2007, 20:34, closed)
I've thanked Israeli cash mashines too :(

They never say 'you're welcome' either, the bastards
(, Wed 26 Dec 2007, 13:05, closed)
They also seem to hold
on to the cash just that little bit tighter ;)

(EDIT: I'm a jew, it's allowed :p)
(, Wed 26 Dec 2007, 14:14, closed)
two guys I was at school with went to a cash machine one day. neither of them were particulalrly bright.

guy 1 takes his cash out and says to guy 2 "I wanted a statement"
guy 2 replies: "you need to ask it for one"
guy 1 leans close up to the screen of the ATM and says "can I have a statement please?"
(, Fri 28 Dec 2007, 14:41, closed)
I feel so glad
That not only am I not alone, but there's whole other levels of folly I've yet to discover. Oh, and thank christ there was no queue.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 16:14, closed)
Done it!
Also, as other people here, have left without the money.

Problem was i was about to put money into an account to pay a bill....
put card in
£300 please
remove card
run (banks close in ten minutes)
Run back after 20 seconds with heart in mouth
Money still there *phew*
Take money and leave

Return a minute later to pick up the phone i'd left lying on the ATM...balls
(, Wed 2 Jan 2008, 12:55, closed)

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