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This is a question The Emergency Services

Tell us your tales of the police, ambulance workers, firefighters, and - dammit - the coastguard

(, Thu 16 May 2013, 11:33)
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Dog day afternoon
Well, i've locked up more shoplifters than I can remember. I've wham-rammed enough doors to give me bad shoulders. I've spent so much time in custody waiting for defence solicitors i could have written a novel.

I've cleaned up body parts off a road. I've told a parent their child has been killed by a drunk driver. I restrained myself when i captured the drunk driver. I've seen more dead bodies than a Tarantino film.

But the hardest thing, probably because i'm not a parent, was coming across an incident whereby a dog had been hit by a few cars, and comforting it for a few minutes until it died. The look in its eyes was so sad - i've had flashbacks.

Dog had no collar - nothing to identify it, so couldn't be with its owner when he died. Bastards.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 13:34, 21 replies)
How did it smell?

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 13:53, closed)

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 14:30, closed)

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 15:31, closed)
no laryngitis

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 15:58, closed)
It's OK
I've got my bike outside.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 16:51, closed)
You need a trip to the Moral Compass Repair Shop.
It's a dog, ffs.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 18:02, closed)
that may be true.
It comes down to the ability to separate yourself from an emotional situation - or not. When you attend sudden death incidents, you're trained (or experienced) to act professionally, distance yourself from the horrible-ness, and do a job.

Giving a death message requires a similar distancing in order to provide a service to the recipient.

However, with the dog, it was different because it had no idea what was happening - you can't train for it, and I'm a dog owner.
(, Tue 21 May 2013, 14:33, closed)
This makes you sound badly adjusted at best
and a full-on sociopath at worst.

So ... what was it that attracted you to the police force?
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 18:45, closed)
Wasn't it you who was just saying that anyone having a go at the emergency service should be beaten with a stick?
Or at least something to that effect.
Ahh, yes, here it is - b3ta.com/questions/emergencyservices/post1967833/

Figures that you'd be a hypocrite as well.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 20:45, closed)
Pretty sure he was talking specifically about medics.

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 21:03, closed)
Medicos who rail against the system they work within = good
Copper who feels empathy for something in pain and dying = bad?
Hair split.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 21:49, closed)
copper who feels empathy for a dead dog.
Takes one to know one.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 21:54, closed)
Oh dear!

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 23:06, closed)
Your thickness ain't my problem, no-name.

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 22:50, closed)
Oh but I do have a name Shambolina.
Provided by none other than yourself. Cheers for that.

PROTIP: The zing you think you're zinging isn't really that much of a zing.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 23:05, closed)
Shambo, from you, I take that as a compliment
and "what was it that attracted you to the police force?"

The gold plated pension, of course.
(, Tue 21 May 2013, 14:34, closed)
Unless you're forty nine and a half then you can kiss that goodbye.
Final salary public service pensions are screwed. They'll be gone within the next five years. Either that or they'll have to add another ten or fifteen years to the typical retirement age.
(, Tue 21 May 2013, 17:38, closed)
I'm with you on this one.
Unfortunately, we've created a world that is friendlier to humans than it is to animals. Roads and fast moving vehicles do not serve animals in any way, shape or form. Sharing a bit of humanity with them at the end is the least we can do.
(, Mon 20 May 2013, 20:29, closed)
Well we can't build a world just to suit Wylie Coyote.

(, Mon 20 May 2013, 22:06, closed)
Of course it's friendlier to humans. We're more important than animals.
It's exactly this sort of witless misanthropic hippydippy bollocks that marks the OP out as a charmless sociopath.
(, Tue 21 May 2013, 17:39, closed)
Straight from the mind of this site's precise definition of charmless misanthropy,
this one is astounding.

Shambolic, you've outdone yourself. I suppose some kind of self congratulations are in order. knock one out, or knock yourself out.
(, Wed 22 May 2013, 14:33, closed)

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