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This is a question Fancy Dress

Two words that fill me with dread. Fancy Dress. Some people really get off on this - last party I went to that involved dressing up, one bloke came in a sort of fetish-nazi outfit, all tight black pvc, whips and jackboots.* Which would have been OK but it was a Eurovision party, and he'd come as Austria.

What's the worst costume you've encountered? Or worn? Or been made to wear...

*and no, it wasn't one of them royals

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:15)
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I went to my mate's 18th birthday
as Robert Smith of the cure.

I thought I looked pretty good- but no one there knew who I - or the Cure - was...in fact, my mates mum who I got a lift with thought I was supposed to be someone from the Rocky Horror picture show. I was insulted.

The only thing that cheered me up was half way throught the night, we were sitting outside the pub on the park benches when some bloke with huge pupils and probably not much idea of where he was shouted "IT'S ROBERT SMITH!"

He came over, shook my hand and broke into a rendition of "close to me."

I joined in, and was quickly pulled up onto the table by this bloke as we sang - arm in arm - at the top of our voices.

I was so cool back then.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:48, Reply)

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