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This is a question Fantasists

Eddie Spunkbubble says: I used to know a sad case who fancied himself as a bit of a 007 and bragged that he always carried a loaded 9mm pistol in his attache case "just in case". Overheard by an off-duty copper, he was asked to make good on his claim. A packed lunch, red face and a stern warning "not to act the twat" and he never did it again. Tell us of Walter Mitty types.

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 11:40)
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I had a school mate nicknamed Hadder because of his habit of muttering "had 'er" almost every time we passed an attractive woman
One day he announced his conquest of a woman we passed on a bus who then got on at the next stop and sat a couple of rows ahead.
"Have you had sex with him?" Sniggered one of us.
"Yes." She rather unexpectedly replied.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 12:34, 16 replies)
Was it his cousin Haddim?

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 13:03, closed)
*golf clap*

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 13:04, closed)
Haddaway's original surname was 'Twotcher'

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 13:21, closed)

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 13:26, closed)
Hodor, hodor.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 21:22, closed)
I like this one.
Short and unexpected. Both fine qualities.
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 14:25, closed)
Your handling of speech in sentences needs a bit of work.

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 14:46, closed)
your face needs a lot of work said your mum

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 19:27, closed)
Well done

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 14:53, closed)
You were in school with George! The LOVELY Doc Ess?

(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 15:40, closed)
I grew up in Wigan.
The only way not to be a poon-drowned PUA was to lock yourself in your room and hope the girls' nails wore down before the scratched their way in.

Wigan girls: quite keen on shagging
(, Thu 5 Jun 2014, 19:29, closed)
So you locked youself in your room.

(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 1:41, closed)
There was another method of avoiding getting drowned in poon as a teenager in Wigan.
Simply be me. Seemed to work for me.
(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 10:09, closed)
oh man ... top virginning there

(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 11:53, closed)
Bus? Wigan?
Now I just pity you.
(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 13:16, closed)
pipe down, albert

(, Fri 6 Jun 2014, 14:36, closed)

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