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This is a question Sexual fetishes

Rubber wetsuits. Knee-high boots. Nuclear-powered clockwork cucumbers. Dressing up as Pingu whilst reading out loud from the works of Dan Brown. What floats your boat? Or what fetishes have you encountered? Suggestion via crackhouseceilidhband.

(, Thu 22 Oct 2009, 13:25)
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um, yeah
mostly, women talk. sorry.

but if we like you, it will be because we can't stop going on about you.
(, Mon 26 Oct 2009, 17:11, 1 reply)

Yeah, but talk is one thing. Sharing bedroom secrets is quite another. My male friends only talk about current partners sexual activities in broad terms (e.g. we had a slow one last night) and ex's in non-identifying terms (e.g. used to know this chick who liked xyz). We generally don't offer up personal details or anything that could embarrass or damage anyone else - and thats probably because we dont want our stuff shared either. We do talk, of course, but there is a line I think and generally my friends default to the respectful side of it.

My partner and I have agreed that what happens behind closed doors stays there, and it was the same with my long term ex. I trust them to stick to that. There is no chance I'd be able to really express myself sexually if I thought it was going to be shared. That may sound naive but at the same time I've been particular about who I share those things with.

I wonder what your friends fiancee would say if he knew she was sharing that sort of info? Maybe he wouldn't care. Dunno. I know I would.
(, Mon 26 Oct 2009, 19:21, closed)

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