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This is a question Flirting

Do you flirt with check-out girls just for the heck of it? Are you a check-out girl and flirt with sad-looking middle-aged men for fun? Are you Vernon Kay? Tell us about flirting triumphs and disasters

Thanks to Che Grimsdale for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 13:00)
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Whether you need directions or not...
...when you're out and about, and preferably not with your other/better half, approach the nearest and hottest girl/boy (delete as applicable) and ask the way.

That way you get in a whole minute or two of "listening intently" (perving) and you both walk away happy: he/she happy to have helped, you happy to have added another to the bank.

Extra points to those boys that manage to get really hot girls to include pointing - cleavage looks so much better in motion...!
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 15:21, closed)
Or alternatively
In a shop, get a female shopworker to show you something on the counter. This works best in a jewellers where the girls wear nice blouses. As they show you something on the counter, they lean forward just enough for the front of their blouse to hang down enough to allow you a view of her cleavage and bra.
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 15:44, closed)
Hahahhahahaha I can't decide if this is funny or pathetic
Or an arousing mixture of both.
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 15:46, closed)

(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 15:49, closed)
Whatever it is, it's not flirting....

(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 16:13, closed)
I think next week's QOTW
ought to be "tell us about your perving stories"
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 17:06, closed)
Or alternatively,
never leave the house, realise there is a lot of porn on the internet, and wank yourself raw.
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 16:04, closed)
I doff my cap to you sir
I didn't realise how much I still had to learn about perving.
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 16:11, closed)
Will try that one tonight
sounds like a good game
(, Mon 22 Feb 2010, 16:18, closed)
Real guys don't stop and ask for directions

(, Tue 23 Feb 2010, 0:09, closed)

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