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This is a question Food sabotage

Some arse at work commands that you make them tea. How do you get revenge? You gob in it, of course...

How have you creatively sabotaged other people's food to get you own back? Just how petty were your reasons for doing it? Did they swallow?

(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 15:31)
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When I was a youngun
Around 6 or 7 my neighborhood kids were playing a game of football (Not the girly UK version, but the real american kick ass kind) and I wanted in. The older kids refused to let me play. So I went back to my house and pissed in a bandaid tin, (I think it was the only thing I could find that held liquid) and brought it out to my neighbor, told him I got him some juice cause he looked hot playing football. He said thanks, drank it in one slug and then started to yell at me in disgust. I ran away pretty fast and he couldn't catch me and I made it up to my tree house. He kept taunting me so I throw a Jart at him. It got stuck in his leg.

He never really talked to me after that, but I got to play football when ever he wasn't around from then on.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 16:43, 18 replies)
Right. Not the girly version
Think you'll find dressing up in armour (with a U. I think you'll find) and running around for short bursts before changing your entire team looks quite odd to the rest of the world.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 16:45, closed)
damn and blast!
I was going to say just that. Netball is more manly that bloody American Football. Why's it even called football? Surely it should be "bastardized rugby for wimps who need to wear armour in case they bruise their elbows or something"
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 16:54, closed)
Well if you ever play the american version of street neighbourhood football. You would find that there is no armour and no team changes and that it is usually played on asphalt, so I think your point is moot. So yes not the girly version of European version football. I just wanted to be clear.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 16:55, closed)
my thoughts exactly, exactly what is manly about charging at someone when youve got safety equipment.

Rugby or hurling is 'harder'

and yes, UK football is called football because YOU USE YOUR FEET!

also we do not kick with socks.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 17:06, closed)
That's actually one of my pet peeves...
It's NOT called football because you use your feet - the name came because it was ball played by people on foot (i.e. commoners). The banning people from handling the ball only came in less than 200 years ago, so American football and rugby football are a lot closer to what people played in medieval times than that wacky offshoot association football...
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 18:22, closed)
A little bit like....

It's called the World Series...but only US teams take part
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 17:15, closed)
Because it was formed in association with a newspaper with the word "World" in the title and has nothing to do with which countries do and don't participate.

This may not be strictly true.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 17:35, closed)
I was listening to the radio this morning
and they were talking about the world series of the AFL and I thought World series of the Australian Football League? I thought only America were that dumb.
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 3:12, closed)
It's called a sack barrow, not a dolly.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 17:19, closed)
Sack Barrow
That's something that I haul my nuts around on?
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 21:59, closed)
if you had any
I suspect that your references to a dolly are actually to do with a dolly of the stuffed toy variety.

the old man wouldn't help you with the football table, so you got your dolly out and had a good cry.

you pansy.
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 11:08, closed)
It's a real cheap shot
to try and start a fight based on a popular sport when your so utterly devoid of writing talent and humour. Let's face it, this is a crap story and a very badly told one at that, so you figure the way to get the replies up is to have a go at football.

Bit sad really isn't it.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 17:31, closed)
dear god Al
are you being the voice of reason?

I sincerely hope not!
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 18:30, closed)
Sorry, sorry
anyway, you know when your rimming a goat and it farts and you get a load of goat shit on your tongue and it burns like wildfire and you're running around going "oh god, no, my tongue, my tongue, it burns, it hurts so bad" and you grab a jug of what you think is apple juice and it turns out to be concentrated sodium hydroxide and your throat is so badly damaged that you have to have a breathing tube inserted rectally?
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 18:35, closed)
Football/American Football
is always a good bait for trolling. I must say, it paid off.
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 17:37, closed)
I feel very small now
And a bit silly too
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 19:07, closed)

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