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This is a question Guilty Pleasures, part 2

It's been a while since we last asked this question and CaptainFellatioNelson's confession that he likes "to fart under the duvet, creep in and see how long I can last only on the fart air contained within" reminded us just how good it was last time.

What are the little things you do for fun when nobody else is around?

(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 11:48)
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Favorites are....
Going to bed on a Saturday afternoon and illicit liasons.

Yay! I'm back.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:01, 10 replies)
Good to have you back kitten...

Merkins loss is Blighty's gain.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:03, closed)
Naughty blouse!
I'd never do such a thing. Oh no.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:04, closed)
How were our across the pond cousins?
Obese and smelling of cheeseburgers?
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:07, closed)
How was it? (The US, not the Saturday afternoons in bed, though you can share those too.)
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:08, closed)
Everythings covered in cheese...
Even the cheese is covered in cheese. Americans are nice but I couldn't eat a whole one, especially if they were covered in cheese.

Had fun, thanks to The Loon and his folk.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:14, closed)
I did manage to get her out to see some of the more interesting spots around Richmond. Maymont, Hollywood Cemetery, Skyline Drive, Swannanoa (the mansion, not the town in SC), Poe's Pub, Capitol Alehouse, Church Hill... even took her to a hip-hop poetry reading!

But when we went out to shoot pool with Emmett's cue, she completely destroyed me as I am really bad at pool...
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:20, closed)
Like a Philly cheese steak?

It's a heart attack on a plate, but great at the time.

Welcome back, by the way.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:25, closed)
They serve them battered,
and deep fried with a Mars Bar, North of the border.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:31, closed)
For all of the above!
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 12:31, closed)

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