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This is a question Bizarre habits

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "Until I pointed it out, my other half use to hang out the washing making sure that both pegs were the same colour. Now she goes out of her way to make sure they never match." Tell us about bizarre rituals, habits and OCD-like behaviour.

(, Thu 1 Jul 2010, 12:33)
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After I've eaten a packet of crisps
I have to fold it up and then tie it in a bow. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Oh, and I have to do stuff in even numbers wherever possible. An odd number of anything, no matter how pointless and small, seems wrong somehow.

For example, this post has 3 paragraphs. Aaaaaargh
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 14:11, 11 replies)
Seems odd, you mean?

(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 14:12, closed)
well quite
odd is odd, always has been in my mind
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 14:20, closed)
I do the little triangle

(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 14:24, closed)
Pentagon, Shirley?

(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 15:01, closed)
not seen that before
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 16:53, closed)
Me too!
That's the only useful thing I learnt when I was at University.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 16:43, closed)
I eat the crisps, then whilst still chewing the last mouthful and digging the remains from my teeth with my tongue, I briefly read the back of the packet for no reason whatsoever. Then I fold it into a little square and put it in the bin, or if in a pub just onto the table where it will just unfold itself.

Also, I don't open the packet from the top or even the bottom. I split the corner and then tear it along the side leaving a much wider opening to get the hand in.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 14:41, closed)
Argh! Me too
I will also make little bow ties of any empty crisp packet I find. Very annoying in pubs, I can tell you for nothing
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 15:08, closed)
I do it too.
Roll the empty bag into a long sausage, and tie a knot in the middle. Same with sweet wrappers.

I have a reason though. In a pub, empty crisp packets are a nuisance, so I do it to get them out of the way. Now it's a habit.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 15:12, closed)
I do this
Used to share a house with a bloke who did it, ever since then I have to do it.

Really easy with those Walkers Grab Bags but tricky with dry roast peanuts packets!

Dr S
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 15:25, closed)
i think the funniest thing to do..
... which i always do, is to blow the bag up and pop it. Its so funny, especially in the middle of a pub :D haha

Ahh maturity sucks!
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 15:48, closed)
qotw virgin here
I tie my bags in a knot too. For me, it's to save space in rubbish bins.

I also collapse milk/juice/water containers, then put the cap back on so they don't fill with air.
(, Wed 7 Jul 2010, 21:49, closed)

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