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This is a question World's Most Hated Food

What food do you hate the most? And why? Do brussel sprouts make you hurl? Can't stand the pea? Think baked-beans are the work of satan? Tell us, and tell us now.

(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:51)
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It's a texture thing, I suppose,
but I've hated rice pudding ever since a particularly bad bout of stomach 'flu aged 9.

While convalescing, my grandmother saw fit to try to feed me a bowl of the grim stuff on the grounds that it would be easy on my poor ickle inflamed stomach.

Well, it wasn't. Neither was it 'easy' on the inside of my nose, my mucous membranes, my arse, my ears or any other part of my body which it chose to exit via.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:09, Reply)

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