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This is a question World's Most Hated Food

What food do you hate the most? And why? Do brussel sprouts make you hurl? Can't stand the pea? Think baked-beans are the work of satan? Tell us, and tell us now.

(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:51)
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It's worth saying
Roast peas make me sick.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:24, Reply)
Having seen a friend eat candyfloss to the point where they vomited flourescent pink water at a distance German shotputters would be proud of, (when I was still at a young and impressionable age) the dissolving pink sugary stuff now gives me the shivers at thirty paces.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:21, Reply)
Dear god, I am so grateful
that others share the same aversion to celery as me. Celery has actually been known to make me gag, and the thought of eating it in any way, shape or form sends shivers down my spine.

I also detest blackcurrant flavoured things with a passion that is almost wrong. Ribena, sweets, yogurt - anything that has been near a blackcurrant, fake or real, is emetic to me.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:20, Reply)
Iced gems
The icing bit is ok but the biscuit is indescribably rank. So i won't try.

I also think i had a traumatic moment as a child while eating them as i am rocking back and forth as I write this
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:19, Reply)
The taste is awful. I mean, why would nature do that to us? It`s rough and bitter on the toungue and it gives you the runs. And it contains virtually no calories so you get nothing out of eating it but a bad taste in the mouth.

It looks too phallic. Why would you eat something that looks like a knob and then dip it in cream cheese. Answers on the back of a postcard to Celery Haters Annonhummous.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:16, Reply)
liver and kidneys are the bits of the animal that clean out all the crap, literally, which is why they taste like shit. Not a good thing to eat. Yuk.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:12, Reply)
Parma Violets
and Celery. And Rice.

And I'm allergic to Garlic... so that's shit.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:11, Reply)
celery is proper minging
as is tinned spaghetti, raviola, hoops

the smell of cheap tinned pasta in that horrible sauce makes me gag.

But the worst thing is MARGARINE. Buy butter you pikey cunts, margarine is fucking disgusting, if you can't tell the difference you are a think fucking mong.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:10, Reply)
It's a texture thing, I suppose,
but I've hated rice pudding ever since a particularly bad bout of stomach 'flu aged 9.

While convalescing, my grandmother saw fit to try to feed me a bowl of the grim stuff on the grounds that it would be easy on my poor ickle inflamed stomach.

Well, it wasn't. Neither was it 'easy' on the inside of my nose, my mucous membranes, my arse, my ears or any other part of my body which it chose to exit via.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:09, Reply)
*Deep breath*
- Mint in anything except chewing gum and toothpaste
- Aubergines
- Quiche / flan / cheese & egg pie
- Liver / kidney / offal
- Golf balls
- Cheap, supermarket parmesan that smells like concentrated vomit
- Taramasfuckinglata
- Beetroot
- Gherkins in McDonalds burgers
- Ketchup in McDonlads burgers
- Burgers in McDonlads burgers
- Iced Tea
- Butter / margarine / 24p Aldi "spread"
- Rootbeer that tastes like Germoline
- Scotch eggs
- Hershey bars
- Marmite
- Bovril
- Radicchio
- Apples, boring, fucking, make-your-gums-bleed apples
- "Cow foot 89p" From the butchers in Finsbury Park
- "Nice Cow foot 99p" from the same butcher? Nice? Nice? A nasty-assed cow foot? What difference does ten pence make? Do they give it a fucking manicure? Who eats this shit??
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:09, Reply)
Obviously Celery!!!
Not only does it taste like it's been pulled out of a dogs arse but it's not even food!!! You burn more calories eating the shit than you get out of it. What fucked up supreme being would design such a sick sick joke.
And what's with that fucking tampon string running through it!?!?!?
edit. some cunt pointed out the fact that water burns calories. yes but at the same time as performing the essential function of keeping us alive. Celery clearly does not do this, it merely tastes like shit.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:08, Reply)
They have the texture of baby food and the smell continues to sicken for hours after they've been eaten.
Ban The Banana
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:08, Reply)
Ugh, liver
tastes like grass, in my opinion. Not that I've eaten grass.

And rainbow drops. Those little low-budget e-number supplements. Make me throw up every time.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:07, Reply)
Celery Celery Celery Celery. Barf. Barf. Barf.
One day my mum made a stew (knowingly) with celery in it, thinking me merely a junior drama queen, and was shocked and ashamed when I identified the toxic ingredient within one forkful of the offending dish. Ha! and again Ha!
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:06, Reply)
Satan's testicles, what else can I say?
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:05, Reply)
I hate
Fish and Brussel sprouts

also Tomato soup the smell makes me want to throw up
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:05, Reply)
If you're ever in France, don't eat this vile thing, It looks like a nice sausage, but its made of chopped pig's stomach and intestines, it smells like a turd, and its totally inedible. Worst Food Ever.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:04, Reply)
teh cock
aparently, so i'm told, it's pretty awfull.


/not gay
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:03, Reply)
Eggs are chickens period...
'nuff said.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:03, Reply)
Conirmed when I found out the main function of the kidneys is urine production. The 'mouth feel' is entirely wrong, too.

Also: have to give McD's a mention. 0/10 for everything.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:01, Reply)
I hate the liver.

And kidneys.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 11:00, Reply)
i'd go for tuna here,
i feel it's mixture of horrid taste, disgusting texture and rubbish colour make it the worse food in existence.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:59, Reply)
A really fucking weird thing to eat. Creepy.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:59, Reply)
fucking tripe... just the name gives it away.

my grandfolks used to make me eat tripe & onions as a kid and I'm still in therapy 20 years later.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:58, Reply)
I'm a veggie, but even in my meat eating days, I've never liked it. I also worked at a popular pizza chain and had to put it on pizzas.

How can anyone like a meat that smells like rotting flesh and has the texture of dried cat puke? Plus, it kills dolphins!


Oh, and Cup Of Soup. About 15 years ago, I was poorly and bravely tried to get back onto food by having a Cream Of Tomato Cup Of Soup. This backfired, leading me to spraying the bathroom with bright red tomato vomit. I can't even wlak past the aisle in the supermarket without gipping.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:58, Reply)
Orange-Cream Quality Street
Ming. And the Strawberry ones.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:58, Reply)
it just plain tastes like aliens.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:57, Reply)
Who would eat that shite?

Oh, and caviar. Posh shite

Tinned peas. Tinned shite.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:56, Reply)
Celery. Celery. Celery. It's DISGUSTING.
(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:54, Reply)

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