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This is a question World's Most Hated Food

What food do you hate the most? And why? Do brussel sprouts make you hurl? Can't stand the pea? Think baked-beans are the work of satan? Tell us, and tell us now.

(, Mon 12 Jul 2004, 10:51)
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*ALL* seafood - if it lives underwater I want nothing to do with it, in the same way I wouldn't eat stuff from other planets. It's all so bloody weird!

And sweetcorn - tastes of fuck all and reappears at the other end unchanged, why bother?

And liquorice - just tastes damn nasty. It's plain wrong to sell that stuff in sweetshops as it's clearly devil's toejam.

And marmite - for similar reasons.

And liver/kidneys - what does that bit do again? Oh right. I'll not be wanting to eat that then.

There's probably lots of other stuff I hate aswell but I'm grown up now so I'm allowed.

I love my length and I'm not sorry.
(, Fri 16 Jul 2004, 0:57, Reply)

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