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This is a question Heckles

Forget the drunk bloke at the back yelling incoherent nonsense. Sometimes a well placed heckle can raise a mediocre act to a brilliant night out.
Tell us your best heckles and, if you are brave, the retorts that put you back in your place like the maggot you are.

(, Thu 6 Apr 2006, 13:13)
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Sometimes heckling's good, sometimes it's bad...
Once we watching this Kiwi comedian down in Bournemouth. He was really good but not quite as upfront as the preceding acts, and this one girl in the corner who had been getting more and more drunk as the night went on kept heckling relentlessly. It would have been ok if she was funny, but she was about as funny as AIDS and not the good kind.

Anyway, there she was chatting away and the guy actually lost his train of thought, turned, looked at her, and everyone was quiet.

"Y'know, if you were my girlfriend, I'd shove my dick in yer mouth just to shut you up."

After the loudest cheer of the night and a round of applause no one heard the daft bint again.
(, Thu 6 Apr 2006, 14:28, Reply)

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