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This is a question Helicopter Parents

Back when young ScaryDuck worked in the Dole office rather than simply queuing in it, he had to deal with a claimant brought in by his mum. She did all the talking. He was 40 years old.

Have you had to deal with over-protective parents? Get your Dad to tell us all about it.

(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 15:13)
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Hell hath no fury...
My Mum was a most unusual parent. Evidence of this can be seen by all who have met me. She was liberal-minded to a fault, in fact so liberal the only option I had for teenage rebellion was organised religion. Weird how that one works out. But still, by and large she did alright in raising such a sensitive soul as myself. In short, she was an incredibly laid-back parent. But by fuck did she have a temper. Somewhat worse than a pissed-off female rancor when they've got the painters in. I've seen it a few times, and it's an awesome sight. Here's the story of one of those times.

It was the end of school day, and I would have been about 12 years old. And back then I was a bit wet behind the ears. In fact, that doesn't quite cover it. Try "so moist it's boggy". Which of course attracted the pirahna-like attentions of one of the more physically communicative young ne'er do-wells in my year. Although when I say physically communicative, he'd be as likely to nut you in the face as say "Hi".

So, I'm walking to the school gate, and I spot my Mum, ice-cream in hand, and she'd come to pick me up from school, meaning I didn't have to deal with the cerebrally-deficient plebs I was usually forced to spend my time with on my way home. Result. Of course, these things never quite work out like that. The antagonist of our story, unbeknownst to me, was running up behind me, and had leapt in the air, and was descending with fists drawn aiming at the back of my neck. In short, the bastard dropped me with a flying donkey punch. It's not surprising I fell to the ground like a freshly-shot antelope. Not the most pleasant of endings to a school day.

However, Mr Idiot hadn't counted on Mum seeing the whole thing. And she had. And saw red. And the temper manifested itself like the wrath of an angry God. Odin, Zeus and Amun-Ra would have been quaking in their boots. She had set off at a run across the school field, and caught up with Mr Donkey-Puncher, and had chased him round the field, swearing like a trooper, and had eventually picked him up by his jacket, and was shaking him. Quite roughly, in fact.

And then, she came to. And noticed herself surrounded by a bunch of grinning, slightly scared teenagers. And holding up a now very scared former bully. Who had developed a mysterious damp patch on his trousers.

Go Mum!
(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 16:53, 20 replies)
Hell hath no...
That sounds like my mum. I forget the specifics, but the neighborhood bully was picking on my little brother. My Mom saw and chased the kid down. (Mind you he was on his bike, her running.) He didn't stand a chance. LOL Gotta love Mom's! She's still mean as hell when you piss her off.
(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 17:45, closed)
This is why bouncers should go
And mums replace them.

My mum is a 4ft 2inch glaswegian. There is NOTHING in this world that she wouldn't tackle and come out on top of. Especially when she's got her 'angry times' about her.
(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 18:21, closed)
Angry Glaswegian
Her name isn't Stacy by any chance is it?!
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 13:53, closed)
But what happened to the ice cream?
Jim, you need to concentrate on the important things...
(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 20:17, closed)
i was thinking this too
i hope she didn't drop it
(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 21:13, closed)
No idea... my head was hurting too much to notice.

(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 11:12, closed)
What car did she drive?

(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 0:02, closed)
clickin dis

(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 5:44, closed)
A Corsa, IIRC.

(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 11:11, closed)
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 14:56, closed)
Good on her.

But I'm pretty sure you don't mean donkey punch.
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 9:57, closed)
Well it was kind of like that
But minus the bumsex.
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 11:11, closed)
Have a
click, for your mum is ace. Also, I read Amun-ra as Mumm-ra, so you can have a click for that as well.
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 11:47, closed)
its; hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned

just saying
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 23:19, closed)
Duly noted.
And edited.
(, Sat 12 Sep 2009, 13:28, closed)
I thought it was
Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 17:51, closed)
Your Mother was picking you up from school at the age of twelve?
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 17:31, closed)

(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 17:35, closed)
My goth friend got picked up by her mum
up til the very end of secondary school, so she didn't get the cobwebs kicked out of her.

A flying donkey punch, though, that just seems fucking stupid.
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 18:04, closed)

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