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This is a question House Guests

"Last week," Ungersven confesses, "I vomited over almost everything in a friend's spare room. The only thing to escape the deluge was the rather attractive (alas engaged) French girl who was sharing the bed with me." Tell us about nightmare guests or Fred West-a-like hosts.

(, Thu 6 Jan 2011, 14:20)
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Video Nasty
One night my upstairs neighbours decided to trick their hugely megacamp flatmate, lets call him Cameron.
So Cameron arrived home from work one night to find his flatmates indulging in some "mexican acid."
Having been invited to join in the tripping Cameron admits it would be his first time taking acid and he has heard a few horror stories and he is a little bit frightened of the results. So after much reassurance that everyone would take care of him and he would suffer no bad effects Cameron was coming around to the idea and it was with some trepidation that he accepted his first "mexican acid tab".
Now is perhaps a good time to point out that there was no acid it was just little squares of paper with the ubiquitous acid smiley face drawn on.
Cameron was instructed that the best was to take mexican acid was to lick the tab and stick it to his forehead, then sit back and enjoy the results. After a few minutes his flatmates started describing the wonderful array of effects this wonderdrug was having on their senses. Not to be left out Cameron started joining in and by his own admission was soon "tripping off my face".
Shortly afterwards everyone started laughing and he was told it was only a wind up at which point he flew into a rage and went to his room.
The next morning he was gone, had moved all his stuff out during the night as his flatmates slept and as a final parting gift he took a shit INSIDE the video recorder.
A slight overreaction in my opinion, but fantastically surreal also.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 8:29, 7 replies)
Must have been the acid!
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 9:21, closed)
I was
thinking what they should have done is wandered out of the room, and dressed up as goblins.

Friend of mine used to work as a hospital porter. One time some guy was brought in because he was having a bad trip on LSD. He was left in a side room, waiting for a doctor. My mate got a stick of blue chalk, crushed it up and covered his face with it, then stuck his head around the door and smiled at the guy. Apparently you could have heard the scream half a mile away.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 9:55, closed)
Good skills there :)
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 10:40, closed)
High By Suggestion
I once mislaid some tabs of acid -- in a house containing two pre-school children! After frantically searching, I became convinced that I'd walked on them, and had them stuck on my sweaty feet for a while. I swear I came up like a bastard!

Of course, in my case it was probably a flashback, given all the acid I used to do back then...
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 11:19, closed)
in all honesty
i think we would all do the same thing, given the situation
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 12:58, closed)
Play say it was a top-loading VCR
and you didn't find out until you pressed eject.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 16:54, closed)
Please say it was a top-loading VCR
and you didn't find out until you pressed eject.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 16:55, closed)

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