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This is a question Hypocrisy

Overheard the other day: "I've told you before - stop swearing in front of the kids, for fuck's sake." Your tales of double standards please.

(, Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:21)
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why is it that I can know most important stats for the majority of phones and mp3 players on the market and can write some stuff in html and java, and am therefore an outcast of society, and yet when some chav can say how many penalties ronneyaldo scored last season and speak txt spk IRL, its considered cool?

And you indie hipsters are no better, knowing the names of every member of every 'in' band and the model of their instruments, and your considered fucking gods. What the hell is the difference.

wankers ¬¬
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 18:11, 9 replies)
I agree 110%
Society is fucked up...
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 21:44, closed)
go along with that.
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 21:58, closed)
it's because you use words like 'chav', and actually think it is something special to know how to write a bit of code
(, Sun 22 Feb 2009, 22:52, closed)
^ this
Plus, what makes you think you're an outcast because you can do some programming? Big whoop.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 0:23, closed)
knowing about phones and mp3 player is pretty sad....
know many people who are interested in talking about it at length? no?

can't say the same about football and bands.

mystery solved. find some like-minded people to talk about that stuff with and shut up.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 9:59, closed)
You clearly have access to the Internet, there's a whole virtual world full of people who DO like to know that sort of thing.

Or, you know, learn something useful- like how to write programs for those phones. You ever know, you might end up being called a sad bastard by someone who's searching for the football results using an app you wrote!

Edit: Also, isn't Java the "in" langauge at the moment? Learn Cobol and try not grow a beard while you do it, or learn C and find out how to write quick, powerful, programmer-friendly apps.
Hell, learn VBA and learn how to automate your various tasks at work.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 16:36, closed)
Big Deal......
i'd say that makes you sound dull.

I can do all of the above too but i would much rather talk about football and music than wank my mate off whilst talking about the spec of the latest phone on the market.

In fact if someone started talking to me about programming while i'm in the boozer, i think i would say 'shut the fuck up you silly cunt and get the beer in'
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 16:36, closed)
Hyperbole is a cruel mistress
and has sort of made my rant come out wrong.

The point I was trying to make was that me being able to name your phone and what the camera is is considered odd, while you being able to name a player and how many goals he's scored away this season is fine, the same with java/txt. I might have over exaggerated when I said I was outcast, but it angers me that people have respect for one type of nerd, yet laugh at another. And saying chav, I was trying to show the extreme, and was in no way offending those who like football.

In fact, to simplify my argument,watch episode 2, season 3 of the IT crowd
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 19:10, closed)
Toys back in the pram
I think your whiny point came across clearly the first time, elaborating that it upsets you not being seen as a 'cool nerd', and trying to explain your self is just added fail.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 22:01, closed)

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