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This is a question Hypocrisy

Overheard the other day: "I've told you before - stop swearing in front of the kids, for fuck's sake." Your tales of double standards please.

(, Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:21)
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I could go on about this all day and night for a year
I won't though. My message is simple.

If you think people that work in fast food are stupid, or unwashed, or the scum of the earth, and you simply cannot keep that contempt inside, then the solution is simple - Do Not Buy Fast Food.

Do Not come into my workplace, and treat my staff, or myself with disrespect and rudness.
Make your own fucking pizza.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:13, 9 replies)
Same Goes
for fast food staff.

Just because I'm drunk as a lord don't treat me like a leper. I say please, thank you and don't piss on the carpet.

When I was last working in London I had the best take-away place - ever. I was working from 7 in the morning until 9 at night and couldn't be arsed cooking at the end of the day so I'd ring up the same Chinese take-away every night. I ended up being treated like a member of the family or an honored guest. They were *always* giving me extra dishes or adding in little pots of new stuff to try.

Thank God I was staying with a mate and his family or I'd have ended up the size of a small house.

I miss them....

(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:19, closed)
"Make your own pizza"
I do. It saves having to communicate with people who think that "disrespect" is a word and who can't use a reflexive pronoun.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:36, closed)
Disrespect : lack of respect
disrespect. (2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

Retrieved February 23, 2009, from www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/disrespect

You are the kind of person she is talking about.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 11:08, closed)
Becasue I'm in an unusually concessive mood...
... I'll grant you the point about "disrespect". But it's still a very ugly word.

I think you're right about me being the kind of person the OP has in mind. I'm not sure that that's a bad thing.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 11:13, closed)
American Dictionary;
Doesn't count :-)
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 12:32, closed)
Or spell.

(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 13:36, closed)
As in
Is you disrespectin' me?

Or "Sir, you have earned my disrespect."
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 14:50, closed)
If you don't want to be treated with contempt
Get a real job. I suspect you can't though, as only people who have no education to do anything else have this type of job.
It's nobodys fault but your own if you're too stupid for a proper job, and if you're not too stupid, then go and get one, it's easy.
You really have no place to complain.
(, Wed 25 Feb 2009, 21:56, closed)
like me, he/she is a student doing a degree at uni (or, even, doing A-levels) and needs the money? I was in that position during my A-levels, just because someone is doing a 'menial' job for beer tokens doesn't really give you the right to assume that they're thick. You just look like a cunt, at the end of the day.

(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 10:32, closed)

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