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This is a question Hypocrisy

Overheard the other day: "I've told you before - stop swearing in front of the kids, for fuck's sake." Your tales of double standards please.

(, Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:21)
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Another driving one
Ok, I'm actually ashamed of this one as I nearly killed myself and 2 other people doing this.

Hypocrisy? Well, you'll see. The short version is this:

I was driving home and came to a village (name witheld) which had a 40mph limit. Unfortunately, I was doing about 70 at the 40 limit sign. The roundabout was just after the sign and there was no way I was going to stop. Ever.

So I didn't and flew across the mini (ish) roundabout at about 65.

Right across the front of the car to my right which I damned nearly hit.

My reason for not stopping? I was on the phone.

Who to?

The guy who I nearly hit.... We were just telling each other we really shouldn't be on the phone while driving - shortly before a scream from him and his OH as "some crazy bastard has just driven over the roundabout at breakneck speed nearly killing us all.... Hang on JTW - was that you???"

This was about 6 years ago - he still reminds me and everyone else of this ....

The moral - don't talk and drive :)
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 17:12, 7 replies)
this is excellent
good job
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 17:14, closed)
is just about the only law that they have put in place that I actually agree with.

Just this morning I had some dappy bint head toward me, phone in hand, pushish me further and further to the left until eventually she suddenly realised that there was a car in the road (me).

The look she gave me could have killed!

Nice story though (click!)
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 19:19, closed)
What, you mean the existing legislation about "driving without due care and attention"?
We don't need new laws to address existing infractions. We just need the existing laws to be fucking enforced.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 23:06, closed)
Roundabouts are dodgy at the best of times, but that is scary.

I saw a woman with nail clippers, doing her trimming during a red light of a busy traffic junction too the other day. A phone would have been better, at least it keeps one hand free!
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 22:07, closed)
I'm inclined to let it slide
If she's doing it while stopped at a red light. Red lights are when I eat my breakfast on the way to work. I just have to make sure I take a big bite right as it goes green, and then put the kitten down until the next red light (usually about 8 seconds down the road).
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 22:44, closed)
Not proud
I'm not proud, but I haven't done it since....

I do, however, have a bluetooth kit in my current car though which I used sparingly.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 22:42, closed)
That would have been the definition of Ironic I think.
(, Tue 24 Feb 2009, 11:38, closed)

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