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This is a question Ignored Advice

What wholesome advice have you ignored, to your own downfall?

(, Thu 15 Nov 2012, 17:01)
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James Hutchings learned the hard way. Didn't listen when people suggested he shouldn't spam his 'book' on B3ta.
Where is he now eh?
(, Fri 16 Nov 2012, 18:27, 21 replies)
With your wife.

(, Fri 16 Nov 2012, 23:52, closed)

wife Mum
(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 0:04, closed)
Oh zing.

(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 10:03, closed)

You seem inordinately proud of your tireless one-man crusade against a fairly minor infraction. Are you familiar with the term, "Napoleon Complex"?
(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 2:11, closed)
We need an engineer here, there's a major self-awareness failure going on!

(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 17:00, closed)

Top White Knighting, here.
(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 18:18, closed)

Jesus, you really can't let that go, can you? Are you really that proud of hounding a long-time poster off of the site?

Fucking pathetic.
(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 10:50, closed)
As you may be getting from the tone here -
not really something to be proud of...
(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 11:46, closed)
I missed his initial posts
so the only people I ever saw spamming his book were you and that boyce chap.

Quite clever advertising, I thought
(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 11:53, closed)
what book is this you're spamming on behalf of james hutchings?

(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 15:43, closed)
See below.

(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 1:36, closed)

(, Sat 17 Nov 2012, 18:01, closed)
I think he means this book.

(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 0:33, closed)

Never heard of it.
(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 0:43, closed)
There's even a review

What was his username again? - I might need to gaz him to let him know Battered's going to be asking for some more advertising fees soon.
(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 0:53, closed)

Apeloverage. To be honest, I found his endless tortured puns a bit annoying, and the breathtaking arrogance he displayed when asked (somewhat aggressively) about posting his advertisements was difficult to overlook. That all said, he did manage to shit out a book, and probably* didn't deserve the beating he took from people who need a 70-page instruction manual to shit out a shit.

*dunno, didn't read it.
(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 1:07, closed)
Cheers HP
found it, gazzed him in hope.
It was fun going back thru some of Battered's posts to me tho.

Wish someone would fix search.....
(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 1:13, closed)

It's all spidered. Just prefix your search term with "site:b3ta.com" and use google.
(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 1:18, closed)
In hindsight, his real mistake was giving a fuck what a witless cretin like you says about anything

(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 13:58, closed)
Has he left, then?
Probably a smart move - this is a shit website.
(, Sun 18 Nov 2012, 22:31, closed)
Probably a lot happier
Now that he doesn't have to read your retarded posts.
(, Mon 19 Nov 2012, 15:54, closed)

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