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This is a question Insults

Last week two kids ran past me, one chasing the other. As they passed, the little boy turns to the girl chasing him and screams, "go away, you, you... you GIRLPANTS."

She stopped dead, cut to the core. Well, sort of. Anyway, we've added it to our repertoire, but are keen to expand further our sweary lexicon. What's the best insult you've heard? How effective was it? How did they retaliate?

(, Thu 4 Oct 2007, 12:48)
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Two of my all time favourites
That I've heard is
I hope your balls* turn square, fester in corners and all your babies are lizards
Fuck you. Fuck your mother. Fuck your sister and your auntie. Fuck all your female relatives and the donkeys they rode into town on.

And finally, spotted in on the park on Fleetwood sea front


* or tits, I'm all for equality
(, Wed 10 Oct 2007, 18:42, closed)

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