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This is a question Irrational Hatred

People who say "less" when they mean "fewer" ought to be turned into soup, the soup fed to baboons and the baboons fired into an active volcano. What has you grinding your teeth with rage, and why?

Suggested by Smash Monkey

(, Thu 31 Mar 2011, 14:36)
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Getting things wrong when I am correcting someone
A few months ago, Private Eye ran a cartoon showing Batman and Spiderman attending the same party.

In the next issue, the following letter appeared:

'I would like to draw your attention to the error in your cartoon. While I am glad to see comics getting some attention in your esteemed organ, I should point out the glaring error in as much as Spiderman is published by Marvel Comics and Batman is published by DC Comics. As such the characcters exist in entirely separate universes and would never appear in the same cartoon.

Yours sincerely
Oliver French'

Well, I thought, how wrong can you be? And two weeks later, my letter appeared thus:


While it was nice of Oliver French to show an interest in comic books, despite the accuracy of his statement that Batman and Spiderman appear in separate universes, he is entirely wrong to state that they would never appear together. In fact they have been able to do so in many of the DC/Marvel crossovers that have been published down the years, as any true fan of comic book lore would be able to tell you. It is a good job I buy Private Eye to hide the comics I read on the train every morning in or this sort of nonsense would go entirely unchallenged.



And I was proud. A letter. In Private Eye...Me!

Until, two weeks later:


While Scarpe, correcting Oliver French, was indeed accurate that while Batman (published by DC comics) has appeared with his arachnid-based fellow superhero (published by Marvel Comics) over the years, I feel obliged to point out that the characters name is Spider-Man, not Spiderman. To refer to him as the latter would be like referring to Robert Killroy-Silk as thatbloodyidiot.

Lee Barnett'.

I hate Lee Barnett.
(, Sun 3 Apr 2011, 11:37, 6 replies)

You are Lee Barnett's bitch.
(, Sun 3 Apr 2011, 12:14, closed)
I think we have a winner!

(, Sun 3 Apr 2011, 12:29, closed)
(, Sun 3 Apr 2011, 14:42, closed)
Lee Barnett
is a hero.

I, on the other hand, once had sex with a girl.
(, Sun 3 Apr 2011, 16:40, closed)
Lee Barnett
Worst. Letter. Ever.
(, Sun 3 Apr 2011, 16:56, closed)
... pointing out that it should be "character's name" and you win the internet. Or perhaps not.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 11:42, closed)

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