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This is a question Job Interview Disasters

The boss showed me the shop floor, complete with loose floor tiles, out-of-date equipment and prospective colleagues eyeing me like a raw steak. "Christ, what a craphole", I said. I think that's the moment I blew it. Tell us how you didn't get the job.

Suggested by Field Marshall Dozington-Smythe (Ret.)

(, Thu 21 Nov 2013, 13:06)
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A few years back…

A mate of mine was on the ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ in between bank jobs (providing investment advice, not robbing them). He had sorted himself out with an interview and passed the recruitment agency muppets stage. Now, my mate is generally a chilled out, mellow guy, but he just so happens to turn into a rage filled arse-banana when he gets behind the wheel. (BMW driver – what are the odds?)

So one day he’s razzing down a road when his phone rings. He takes the call and it’s the manager from the bank he’s applied for asking for a follow up phone interview. He explains that he’s driving but as he’s got hands free he’d be happy to continue. Thusly, the manager chap starts with the questions and it’s the kind of thing you’d expect.

After a few mundane questions my mate thinks it’s going smoothly and starts to relax. Even a few jokes go down well. Unfortunately, as this was happening, he found himself stuck behind a car whose driver had selfishly decided to not travel at the required 980 MPH that my mate deemed acceptable. Although getting increasingly frustrated, he continued to answer the manager’s questions until:

Manager: (something along the lines of) “Could you give an example of a successful project you have undertaken?
My Mate: “Well, in my last role I helped initiate a financi-GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY YOU SLOW ARSED TWAT! Erm…I mean…erm…...oh.”

He didn’t get the job.
(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 13:03, 9 replies)
How odd - he sounds like an absolute banker.

(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 13:18, closed)
um, investment advice from banks is the worst possible type
So yer, he was robbing customers.
(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 15:23, closed)
^^Fair point plummie...

Also, he only bothers to advise the 'gold' customers who have over £100K to spaff. He won't get out of bed for the likes of me.
(, Tue 26 Nov 2013, 8:21, closed)
self control, sounds like a banker at least.
(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 15:29, closed)
I hope the BMW was the souped up Accord VXR

(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 16:50, closed)
It was a poxy 3-door 1 series...

Hardly any extras and it still cost something like £22K. I nearly fell off my bar stool when he told me.
(, Tue 26 Nov 2013, 8:16, closed)
Needs more
Careering off the road
(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 17:19, closed)
Followed by paralysis or death for the useless piece of shit.
(, Tue 26 Nov 2013, 18:20, closed)

(, Mon 25 Nov 2013, 20:07, closed)

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