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This is a question Kids

Either you love 'em or you hate 'em. Or in the case of Fred West - both. Tell us your ankle-biter stories.

(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 15:10)
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Kids on trains

Now it would be fair to say that I like very few people who happen to be using a train at the same time as me, but kids on a train are one of the most infuriating breeds possible on a train journey.

A prime example would be my last train journey home, in which I spied a family with a dog and 5 kids waiting to get on the train.

5?!? Idiots.

Bad enough that while waiting for the train doors to open, the kids couldn't be controlled, and were attempting to kick any and all pigeons in sight. (Not to mention one nearly kicked me at one point).

So anyway, once on the train, I made sure to be in a different carriage from said Luddites. This method seemed to be paying dividends for the first half of the journey.

Then me hears a noise, over ridiculously loud mp3's too, so I investigated. As I turned round, 3 of said kids sprinted up the train to the far end.

Then back.

Then up again.

Then back.

Then up AGAIN!

This fun routine was interspersed with climbing on things, bumping into people, and screaming. For 30 minutes.

Eventually, when on their millionth* sprint, the man in the seats opposite me stuck out his arm to stop them.

They did not see said arm, and thusly ended up spread eagled on the floor.

Seldom have I laughed quite as hard as when that happened.

*slight exaggeration
(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 16:23, 5 replies)
I love seeing those kids get what they deserve, I wish I had been there, probably would have stuck an inconspicuous ankle out for em
(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 16:29, closed)
On the london kings cross to stevenage main line
you will often find plastic coke bottles full of urine. left by some charming kids.
(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 16:35, closed)
I was about 1 pass away from the swift ankle swipe.

It's reasons like this that I also hate using any sort of public transport at all.

Other reasons include cost and odour.
(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 16:36, closed)
wrong target
you should've gone and dropped a hot coffee in the parents' laps. kids are born spastics. it's the parents' fault for not keeping em in line.
(, Fri 18 Apr 2008, 1:32, closed)
i dlike to apologise
to anyone who is going to be on the same plane as me in early may, yes i am taking a toddler on a plane, he will no doubt throw a tantrum of some sorts, although im hoping he has inherrited my amazement at air travel and will sit grinning and looking out the window (or possibly staring at the hostesses legs) failing which cars will be on the i-pod to try and ammuse him
(, Wed 23 Apr 2008, 16:51, closed)

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