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This is a question "Needless to say, I had the last laugh"

Celebrity autobiographies are filled to the brim with self-righteous tales of smug oneupmanship. So, forget you had any shame, grab a coffee and a croissant, and tell us your smug tales of when you got one over somebody.

Thanks to Ring of Fire for the suggestion

(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 12:55)
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that bloke that used to post here who got shafted in Dubai...
here's the story should you wish to read it... www.b3ta.com/questions/theboss/post460435

We've been back over 18 months now. This isn't crowing, its just perspective. I have a job i love in the same industry, by far the best I've ever had. My little boy is in a good school and we live in a lovely home. I earn great money, the same as I did over there but I'm now content to pay large chunks in tax. Having seen the alternative I can contest it's worth every penny. We are happy, relaxed, a lot more worldly wise and most importantly, safe.

I stay in touch with people I worked with over there, they hate it. Each and every one of them. The economy is fucked, the ruling class are becoming increasingly twitchy, everyone is circling round each other like wolves. Quite literally their world is rapidly sinking back into the sands.

But the best bit is, the cunt who owns the company is so consumed with greed that even though he has had skin cancer twice, he's decided to move there full time because his tax free status in Jersey is no longer viable. That's right, a man with a history of skin cancer moving to one of the most relentlessly sun baked, dry-as-a-witches-crack, miserable dust bowls on Earth. His wife and family refuse to move there. Clearly his money is more alluring than him.

But I'm home, happy, with my wonderful wife, my beautiful son and my family. We live in fantastic country where I can say what I like, do whatever I care, get pissed if I choose, fall over on my daft arse, end up in casualty (I don't do this) but be treated with care, compassion and respect from health professionals who are interested in my welfare, not my wallet.

But the sad greedy man, who very nearly wrecked our lives and tried to leave us with nothing, has effectively signed his own death sentence - living in a gaudy sandy hellhole, thousands of miles from sense or humility.

All for a few quid. I can't help but laugh.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 1:01, 20 replies)
I'm glad to hear this.
I remember reading your previous story and hoping everything worked out for you. I still can't quite believe that people can act like that.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 1:16, closed)
thanks Mr. Pickles
i got a lot of support from good souls like you and many other here, particularly Legless who google bombed the company, cheers fella. I also got a few gloating comments from sad cases, they may well have another pop. like i care.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 1:24, closed)
A googlebomb is forever. If you google their name now, the blog is in the top few results. Good luck to them getting clients....

(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 8:27, closed)
I've got a couple of mates out there at the moment, just hoping to go home.
Glad you got out ok chap.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 1:22, closed)
Glad everything has worked out.

(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 1:32, closed)
I lived and worked there for 18 years
And to be honest had a pretty good time. The companies I worked for were well known multi-nationals and had to toe the HR line, but, many friends of mine got screwed badly working for local companies and smaller non UAE firms just because the employers could run roughshod over anyone they wanted to.

Been 6 years away and I have heard so much shit about the place since I left that I will certainly not be returning if I can avoid it.

Glad that you are on the rise again!
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 3:56, closed)
I was recently offered a job in Riyad
I'm glad I declined. It's even more backward than Dubai apparently!
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 8:50, closed)
Just read your last story...
My god that made me pale, shakey and sick to my stomach reading that. Nobody should have to go through that. My partner has just been made redundant, and that's bad enough, but reading your tale... just... damn.
Glad things have picked up again though, light at the end of the tunnel and all. Let's just hope karma exists and the bastard fries himself to death over there.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 10:31, closed)
We stopped over in Dubai
on the way down to Australia to take the kids to see their Grandmother recently. Driving past the airport car park I saw a few cars covered in a thick layer of dust and fenced off with security tape. I thought of your story straight away.

Glad to hear you're doing well.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 10:36, closed)
Your original story - which I well remember reading when first posted and yet I still couldn't recall the full extent of how bad it was - is harrowing and terrifying - well done for getting out of such a horrible situation. Glad you're moving on with things.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 13:05, closed)
I wondered what happened next
Yours was one of the first things I read on here and I would quite gladly have shot the bastard. He's getting what he deserved, and you have your life back. Result!!
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 15:37, closed)
Isn't it only amoral greedy fuckers who would move there in the first place?
Because from where I'm sitting, sympathy isn't exactly gushing forth
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 15:51, closed)
There are a lot of amoral greedy fuckers there
There's also a lot of sanctimonious smug cunts who believe they have attained moral superiority and have the gift of perfect judgement.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 17:29, closed)
Just as an exercise in time filling
After reading your posts (this and the original) I felt compelled to track down (un)said company and MD and I thought I would establish where one of their offices was. Was interested to note that I pass one of them regularly so if you ever need a turd shoved through the letterbox or something important hand delivered (to guarantee that they get it) let me know! I know it ain't much but I will try to track down some other bits about Mr W (if that is he) from my local contacts...a long shot but you never know. Good luck.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 18:50, closed)
If it's the office in Edinburgh there are actually people there
If it's the one in London it's just a brass plaque. A number of his offices are just addresses. Thanks for your support.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 19:47, closed)
glad to hear you're back on track.
i remember the original story, nobody should be allowed to treat people like that.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2011, 22:42, closed)
I remember
quite vididly reading your original story; in fact I think it's the most memorable I have ever read on qotw.

It's gratifying to hear that you made it.

Well done.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2011, 13:42, closed)
Former Philippines prisoner here
It may have not been the Middle East, but I definitely know the cut of your jib, sir. Relentless, soul-crushing heat (Now! With more humidity!), slave-driving Japanese bosses who spend their nights with whores on each arm, high crime, corruption, and disease. My wife nearly drove herself crazy at home worrying about me during those long months. Never, ever again.
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 2:34, closed)
My Brother worked there as a musician. Pretty much said what you said, and he will be happy when the world figures out how to do without their oil, and they can go back to being a bunch of medieval sand encrusted inbred fuckers who no-one gives a rats ass about
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 3:07, closed)
More about Dubai
Wasted eight months of my life working on a contract there, people unpleasant, weather unpleasant, expensive to live even though the money was good, false, theme-park like construction, archaic society, workers treated like slaves, so glad when I got out, and glad to see you on the way up too. How they ever thought it would become a tourist destination or global business centre I don't know. Bring on the sand and wind and cover the place up.
(, Wed 9 Feb 2011, 17:15, closed)
Is that the fat cunt with the kipper tie
...or one of the other wankers with the faces like clenched arseholes?

I read your original story with horror; UK's not perfect but it has the rule of law, unlike the medieval shitholes in the Gulf. I'm very pleased for you all, especially your Minispimf.
(, Thu 10 Feb 2011, 0:16, closed)

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