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This is a question LOL Bigots

Freddie Woo says: "A bloke who lived next door to my mum told me on the day Diana died that it was 'God's punishment for sleeping with an Arab'". Tell us stories of bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes and loud-mouths so that we may point and laugh

(, Thu 21 Feb 2013, 20:03)
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Hungarian ex of mine
and her family. At first I took it as a sort of rustic charm on their part, a Hungarian Hill-Billies sort of thing. But anything that wasn't Hungarian wasn't mustard to them. Around the table at mealtime some of the vilest hatred was casually thrown back and forth; Jews, Gypsies, the Balkan countries. These people were actually well-educated, scholastically speaking, yet extremely intolerant of anything different. So what was I doing there? I guess being western European wasn't as bad for them. We split up not long after.
(, Tue 26 Feb 2013, 22:51, 4 replies)
C C Calm down Granville

(, Tue 26 Feb 2013, 22:54, closed)

(, Tue 26 Feb 2013, 22:58, closed)
Ha ha! Nice modern cultural reference

(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 6:10, closed)
What do you mean 'modern'?
In Hungary Open All Hours is THE FUTURE.
(, Wed 27 Feb 2013, 7:05, closed)

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