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This is a question Losing it

Bluehamster tells us: "This morning I found myself filling my mug not a teabag, but with Shreddies." Tell us of the times when you've convinced yourself that you're losing your marbles.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2011, 12:59)
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Complete and utter paranoia
Hello all and welcome to my first post. :)

From February to, well, only very recently, I've been convinced that someone is following me. I would leave the house and get to the train station. I'd wait at the platform for a few trains to go past to make sure that noone was spying on me. Sometimes I'd jump off at random stations and do the same thing before completing my journey. I'd take elaborate, long-winding routes to the station to make sure that nobody was following me. Towards the end I used to pack a rucksack with me. In that rucksack I'd have another change of clothes, another coat, another pair of shoes and, more importantly, another rucksack. I'd leave the house, go to a busy public toilet, swap everything around, leave the building by another door, go to the station and get on the train. Then I'd change it all around on the way home. This often left me struggling to hold back tears in public. The thing is I was convinced that someone was spying on me and despite all of my precautions they were winning and I was losing. I can't describe the sense of utter helplessness I'd feel and still often feel. The fear. I really thought I was going to lose it.

Why did I think someone was following me? Well just before Christmas somebody did hire a private detective to follow me. The consequences of what the private detective gave to his client has totally destroyed my life, my happiness and all sorts of other good things.

Yeah, I'm getting better. Oh, and don't worry. I didn't do anything illegal or dangerous nor was I cheating on my spouse. I don't have a spouse to cheat on. :)
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 1:21, 13 replies)
I hope it's all behind you now.
Sounded like a living nightmare for you.
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 7:23, closed)
Is this..
quite possibly the best unintentional pun ever?
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 8:57, closed)
I did tone it down a bit
But the sympathy is genuine.
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 13:00, closed)
I hope so too!

(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 9:26, closed)
It's all behind you now
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 10:49, closed)
I'm so
intrigued it's killing me!

Why did [someone] hire a private detective to follow you?
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 9:02, closed)
What sort of paranoid freak would I be if I just told you? :)
Seriously, I come from a religious Muslim family and they found out about my not so Muslim ways and my not so Muslim partner.

(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 9:22, closed)
Are you Syed from Eastenders?

(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 9:54, closed)
What? It happened in Eastenders?
New low.
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 12:31, closed)
Do you like Syrian hamsters?

(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 11:11, closed)
Questions like this do not help!
So... Who're you?
(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 12:32, closed)
Looking on the funny side
You probably inadvertantly caused minor paranoia in fellow travellers on buses and trains, seeing a moslem person with a stuffed rucksack looking around them and acting nervously.

And I mean this in the nicest possible way - welcome to b3ta.

(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 12:16, closed)
Damn!! Rumbled!!

(, Thu 28 Jul 2011, 12:47, closed)

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