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This is a question Made me laugh

Rob asks: Has anything happened recently that's made you laugh? Share your stories with us - we need the joy.

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 12:07)
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A product of her environment
One day Mrs Quackblast, a young Korean lady, came home from work looking rather pissed off. I asked her what was up and she related the following story.

She'd popped out for lunch and met a Japanese friend of hers and they were walking off to get some food when a gentleman approached and asked if they had any spare change as he was short on his train fare and urgently had to go and see his parents, (and in no way was going to spend it on drugs or alcohol.)
'Sorry' she says, and they continue on their way.
About 50 metres down the road he shouts after them 'Why don't you fuck off back to China!' to which the missus turned 180 degrees, walked back up to him, stood about a foot from his face and announced through the medium of shouting, in the middle of a packed London street at lunchtime-


She wouldn't say boo to a goose when I met her, and was blissfully unaware of the majority of English swear words. It just goes to show the effect of hanging around with a horrible little scrote like me.

Her then telling me that the outburst was such a shock to her Japanese friend that she needed to 'have a nice sit down' only made me laugh the harder. Her continuing to say that yes, she was an immigrant in the country, but she was now a permanent resident, contributed to society and payed a lot of fucking tax, and she was fucked if she was going to let 'some fucking druggie cunt' fucking talk to her like that sent me over the edge.

What have I done to her?
(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 8:35, 4 replies)
I dont know but she sounds awesome

(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 9:22, closed)
I know what you mean. My fiancee is Chinese and she called me "A silly bugger" the other day, it really did sound quite funny. My best friend is Korean and honestly I have never met anyone who works so bloody hard, especially considering some of the lazy malingering British 'scrotes' I have encountered.
(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 9:49, closed)
I approve of this sort of thing.

(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 10:03, closed)
Good on her. The scrounging bastards this cuntry raises need a good slap in the face. Verbal or otherwise.
(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 11:33, closed)

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