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This is a question My Arch-nemesis

I lived in fear of a Darth Vader-esque school dinner lady who stood me perpetually at the naughty table for refusing to eat mushy peas. An ordeal made worse after I was caught spooning the accursed veg into her wellies. Who, we ask, has wrecked your life?

Thanks to Philly G for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Apr 2010, 12:01)
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The ex-boss I mentioned in the "annoying words" thread
Sorry, but I'm just going to have to mention that unbelievably cunty cafe owner again. He was guilty of the following:
* Deciding his cafe would look more sophisticated with a smattering of French words on the daily specials menu, then spelling them all Del-Boy style. So "coulis" became "cooley", "jus"(pretentious word for gravy) became "juice" etc. He point blank refused to accept his spelling mistakes and flew into a rage if they were pointed out.
* Giving us a 50p an hour pay rise (we were on the minimum wage prior to this) and then guilt-tripping us about it constantly.
* Telling customers all his ingredients were "ethically-sourced from local suppliers" when none of them were (unless you count the local branch of Tescos).
* Watering down his spirits and using jam instead of fruit in the smoothies, while charging customers over £2 for a small glass of each.
* Flirting with all female staff under 20, shagging as many as possible and then making their job hell if they got jealous of other women.
* Having the most tedious cocaine-induced mood swings imaginable.
* Giving us teamwork lectures of the style that begin "Guess who pays your wages, folks? It's not me, it's the customers! Who are we going to impress, today?"
...and finally, sacking people (usually women) without notice or pay, refusing to pay sick leave (common in cafes) and only giving people contracts when they threatened legal action.

There, it's off my chest now...
(, Thu 6 May 2010, 10:01, 4 replies)

i have never worked anywhere that paid sick leave
jam smoothies????????????
(, Thu 6 May 2010, 10:51, closed)
Where is this so I can avoid it?
(, Thu 6 May 2010, 12:11, closed)
Re. Where is this?
I don't know whether I'm allowed to name names, but it is in Nottingham city centre and its logo has a pink-panther style cat sitting on a sofa.

(They don't sell pies anyway, so you prob won't be tempted)
(, Thu 6 May 2010, 12:35, closed)
another thing he did...
...was get work experience kids in and treat them like complete skivvies, getting them to do all the shitty jobs like cleaning the cellar and taking the rubbish out, while teaching them nothing. (The rest of the staff actually went on strike over the way these 15 year olds were treated.)
(, Thu 6 May 2010, 12:39, closed)

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