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This is a question Old stuff I still know

Our Ginger Fuhrer says that he could still code up a simple game idea in Amstrad Basic, while I'm your man if you ever need to rebuild the suspension on an Austin Allegro (1750 Equipe version). This stuff doesn't leave your mind - tell us about obsolete talents you still have.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:04)
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I see a lack of this skill in the people I meet nowadays...
I am still able to to determine my arse from my elbow, and locate said arse with both hands.

I reckon I could even stretch to organising a piss-up in a brewery if needs be.....
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:19, 15 replies)
organising a piss up in a brewery would be really hard
I think Adam and Joe tried it once and didn't succeed.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:24, closed)
They should have tried our local...
They do tours for groups of ten or more for £5 a head. A tour which ends in the brewery bar.

(Damn it, I'm basically saying my 'old knowledge' is 'how to make a phonecall')
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:28, closed)

is the £5 including booze???? my alchy mind needs to know.....
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:48, closed)
nah, brewery bar is definitely cheating
If you invited me to "a piss up in a brewery" and I ended up going on a tour of a brewery that finished with a few pints in a brewery bar, I'd feel cheated to the point of homicidal rage.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:58, closed)
What would be a unique skill,
is being able to locate your elbow with both hands.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:25, closed)
You turned the words around and made it funnier. hahahaha
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:42, closed)
Are you stalking me?

(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:51, closed)
No way Ballbag
You are just so amusing and slightly arousing.

Are you stalking me?


Hahahhaaa you so quick.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:55, closed)
You seem upset.
Would you like me to never ever post here again?
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:57, closed)
Fuck that....
Pull up a kitten and never leave here.

Your impotent rage makes up for the lack of Rory Lyon at the moment.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 12:00, closed)
It's Monday morning.
This time tomorrow I'll be suave, urbane and funny as fuck.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 12:05, closed)
I was born without elbows, you terrible racist.

(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 11:28, closed)
I like the idea of that.
Two long stiff arms that are only good for marching and Hitler salutes
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 12:40, closed)
It's shit for boozing.
I have to assume the crab position and shuffle under the taps.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 12:54, closed)
you unacountable fuck wit my elbows were born with out me

(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 12:40, closed)

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