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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Oh do fuck off you syntactic cripple

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:15, Reply)
class CancerJoy extends User { function __construct(){$this->doAction('wobbly', array('cat', 'dead'));} }

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:20, Reply)
$(document).ready(function(){ $('#cancerJoy').user('wobbly', {'cat':'dead'}); }});

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:23, Reply)
#cancerJoy{ animal:cat; condition: dead; display:wobble}

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:25, Reply)
.... I could go on in many syntaxes.

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:25, Reply)
SELECT `users`.*, `actions`.* FROM `b3ta`.`users` JOIN `b3ta`.`actions` ON `users`.`userid` = `actions`.`userid` WHERE `users`.`username` LIKE "Cancer Joy" AND `users`.`pet` LIKE "cat" AND `actions`.`description` LIKE "wobble";

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:28, Reply)
10 print "alphabetical fuckpig";
20 goto 10
Get yourself some new patter the next time your down getting your methadone script, you lonely junky weirdo.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:41, Reply)
lol, I'm gonna be honest here. On a geek level, that really is pathetic. I mean, that's pretty much the equivilent to going "UHH...UHHH... NO... .YOU ARE".
What do you have against a clinically recognised WHO medical treatment to a clinically recognised WHO medical condition? Do you not take night nurse when you have a cold? or have you lived such a sheltered life that you consider a cat dying the worst thing in the world and that anyone who has a legal prescription medicine as a junky?
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:48, Reply)
I'm using the word junky to denote an addiction to drugs
An addiction you clearly have, judging by your barely legible and whiney posts.

I'm quite happy for you to gon about a two year old incident that I have no regrets about, mainly because it makes you look like the desperate cunt you really are.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:55, Reply)
Who are you? And why are you such a dick?

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 19:59, Reply)
Why not?
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 20:09, Reply)
Trolololololololololololol. Spastic

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 20:11, Reply)
It must be very nice to live in a sheltered world where medical conditions can be treated with night nurse, and there is no difference between a dependancy and an addiction.
I bet your pillows are _really_ soft.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 20:13, Reply)
Hold up a minute, you have no regrets about your cat dying?
Were you responcible in some way?
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:02, Reply)
no, but apparently it was delicious

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:03, Reply)
Please don't imply that he jammed the cat between two fences so it falls down and can't get out, and just left it there to die of starvation.

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:12, Reply)
One of my cats got hit by a car and crawled under our outhouse and stayed there for hours
it died shortly after we managed to coax it out.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:14, Reply)
Oh man, that's terrible. I'm so sorry to hear that.

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:18, Reply)
It was sad.
But, you know, I got over it, because it was a cat. And we got a dog after that.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:20, Reply)
These things happen.
The lord takith and the lord givith.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:32, Reply)
Yeah, the dog died. But it was about five years later.
And then we got another cat, and he's still going.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:34, Reply)
The Lord takeith then giveith then takith then replaceith.
Do you feel like you downgraded much when you went back to a cat?
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:39, Reply)
No, we talked about getting another dog
but the dog had been such a big part of our life for so many years it felt a bit wrong to replace her, so we got a pair of cats, but one of them died after about 4 months.

I'm starting to sound like a serial cat murderer.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:42, Reply)
It's epidemic on this place, what with that americanophile and now cancer joy..
... I ain't one to judge though, might be fun.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:47, Reply)
This totally reads like a Geordie doing computer coding.

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:06, Reply)
alright al? you cool?

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:12, Reply)
Yes thanks. Our interent connection stopped working at work today
I went and told the woman who runs the office and she was all "Yes, it was the power cut" so I assumed that she was aware and would get it fixed, but an hour later and still nothing, so I packed up and went home.

Hows you?
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:24, Reply)
Pretty good, see below about job news, in total my appointments have been...
monday: 5 face to face
Tuesday: 6 on phone
Wensday: 3 with recruiters face to face
Today: 1 on phone and one face to face.

I htink I'll get a few offers next week, or maybe tomo. I'd love to work with this last one. The first and last ones are the ones I like the most.... I've decided that I wanna go with a "Digital Agency" or "publishing house", rather than working with a company on a single site.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:35, Reply)
That's a fantastic number of interviews, are you on garden leave or did you just get laid off straight away?
It certainly sounds like you won't have much trouble getting something pretty quickly even if it's not ideal, but if you got a half decent redundancy payout then you can always hold out a bit longer for something that you really want
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:40, Reply)
Got about 3 weeks 'consultancy' period and 1 month notice period where I don't have to work for eaither but am still getting paid.
I'm looking at around 50% more wages in all of these offers too, so basicly I'll be getting 15 months worth of pay this year... or if we're counting the wage difference, I'm getting 22 months worth of wage that I thought I'd be getting at the start of the year this year.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 21:51, Reply)

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