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This is a question Advice from Old People

Sometimes, just sometimes, old people say something worth listening to. Ok, so it's like picking the needle out of a whole haystack of mis-remembered war stories, but those gems should be celebrated.

Tell us something worthwhile an old-type person has told you.

Note, we're leaving the definition of old up to you, you smooth-skinned youngsters.

(, Thu 19 Jun 2008, 16:16)
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Gurkha's knife
I was once told that your cock is like a gurkha's knife. Once you take it out you MUST use it.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:08, 10 replies)
I like..
There's the odd kernel of truth that pops out on B3ta.

That's another line I'll use given the chance..

(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:16, closed)
Let's hope you need to pee a lot.
Because that's the only use you'll get out of it with that attitude.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:18, closed)
Gurkha's knives
It's not that they have to use it, they have to draw blood.

(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:18, closed)
Thanks for the clarification. I was about to use mine to cut a path through dense Himalayan forest.

Although that'd draw blood as well, I guess...
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:22, closed)
Strangely enough, that's what I was thinking..

Or having a wank.

(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:23, closed)
Himalayan me?

I'll Himalayan you!

(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:25, closed)
this 'advice' sounds like it's from the same stable as the famous 'but you can't leave me in this state!'.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:43, closed)
Oh no
you haven't fallen for that old chestnut have you CHCB?
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 14:54, closed)
but he said he was in pain
and that his balls might fall off.
I thought it was my medical duty.
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 15:00, closed)
Does that one work then?
(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 15:03, closed)

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