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This is a question Personal Ads

A somewhat shocked friend writes, "I did not realise it is considered de rigeur to send a cock shot with the first email."

Welcome to the world of personal ads. How deep down the rabbit hole have you gone?

(, Thu 13 Sep 2007, 15:01)
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I don't need dating sites,
I've met enough socially-inept boys in real life.

I promised I wasn't going to submit another lame qotw answer, but I can't resist...

1. Claimed to be a black belt in karate, came to the anime club meetings that I was the president of (should probably go in the 'guilty secrets' qotw) and tried to sit next to me so he could put his head in my lap--wtf? When I declined to date/shag him, he wrote me threatening emails ('going to smash your face into the ground', 'beat you to a pulp', etc). Then self-deprecating, apology-laden emails ('sorry for saying you were lower than dirt, forgive me', etc). Haven't heard from him in several years though, so it turned out all right.

2) Had stinky feet, followed me around campus and tried to copy everything I did. Started taking up smoking around the time I met him--he did too. Said I would change my major--so did he. Mentioned I might try to transfer to a better school--guess what he said the next day? He still IMs me when he's drunk. Eurgh, at least I don't have to see him around school anymore.

3) Crazy looking skinhead type, met through a mutual friend who I in turn met in a comic store (*adds to 'list of places I should no longer go unattended'*). Frequently tried hinting at me how 'liberating' it was to 'sleep around' (his actual words). Later tried bribing me for sex with a PS2, though he never explicitly mentioned that was what it was for--so, kept the console, and never saw him again. Later received threatening emails and IMs, which went ignored.

4) This one, I actually met online, but -not- via a dating site. If I wasn't online for a day, I'd get something like this: "*GLOMP* OMG, where have you been?! I missed you ^_^ *snuggle* *cuddle*" Ok, so not as bad as some...but as I began to talk to him more and more (bored, at work, no one else to speak to) the conversation would turn into "Do you/will you ever love me? If I made a lot of money, would you love me? If [insert hypothetical situation here] would you love me?" Gahhh, can we talk about something else? --To which he'd reply, "Ok, pick a topic." I don't know about you, but how many people are so devoid of conversation material that they actually have to -say-, "All right, I've nothing to discuss. Are there any topics on which you have an opinion you would like to share?"

Arrrrgh, sometimes I wonder if it's me or if it's them...

(Apologies for length/lack of filthy, kinky sex stories.)
(, Fri 14 Sep 2007, 17:36, Reply)

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