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This is a question Protest!

Sit-ins. Walk-outs. Smashing up the headquarters of a major political party. Chaining yourself to the railings outside your local sweet shop because they changed Marathons to Snickers. How have you stuck it to The Man?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 12:24)
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My ex once promised our four kids, then aged about 4-10, cake and custard after tea.
He shamefully reneged. The footy was on, or something, and he slunk off to watch TV.

The kids complained to me. I quickly made them four little protest signs, out of cardboard rectangles taped to rulers, which said 'Cake and custard NOW!' and 'Cake! Custard!' and so on.

They paraded them in front of their father, chanting 'We want cake and custard! We want cake and custard!' and totally disrupting his telly viewing.

Sighing like a true martyr, he dragged himself off into the kitchen to whip up the promised dessert. Pester power, eh!
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 20:14, 7 replies)
That is a totally superb idea! I love it.

And I'm glad it wasn't me-I'd have been laughing far too hard to cook anything!
(, Sun 14 Nov 2010, 11:32, closed)

Ha! I love this! I wish I'd thought of it when I was younger, but it probably wouldn't have worked on my dad.

Did he think they would just forget about the cake and custard? Kids never forget something like that.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2010, 15:09, closed)
Sounds like
a trifling matter to me.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2010, 18:09, closed)
For fuck's sake...

(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 9:43, closed)
serves him right
for desserting his duty.

(, Tue 16 Nov 2010, 12:51, closed)
You lot.
I'm discustard.
(, Wed 17 Nov 2010, 16:55, closed)
Your Democratic Rights
in the home.

Love it.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 13:19, closed)

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