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This is a question Protest!

Sit-ins. Walk-outs. Smashing up the headquarters of a major political party. Chaining yourself to the railings outside your local sweet shop because they changed Marathons to Snickers. How have you stuck it to The Man?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 12:24)
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In an Edinburgh chippy you'll be offered salt and sauce
The sauce in question is known as 'chippy sauce' and is a vinegar-based condiment. Other condiments are available on request.
(, Wed 17 Nov 2010, 13:57, 2 replies)
Thank you for the info!
(, Wed 17 Nov 2010, 15:40, closed)
"Other condiments are available on request"
Indeed for example if you ask for vinegar, the person serving you will scowl at you, mutter "English bastard" then disappear to the back of the shop and return five minutes later and slam a bottle of vinegar down onto the counter.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2010, 6:27, closed)

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