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This is a question Public Nudity

Naked people in public never ends well. Ever let your dangly bits go on show? Ever witnessed something dreadful?

Suggested by Spanish Fly

(, Thu 17 Jul 2014, 14:19)
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I saw a performance of "Hair" where I knew most of the actors and actresses. The naked scene was a revelation. One of the women had spectacularly large aureoles. I had no idea! Now, whenever I see her, not making Freudian slips is the hardest.
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 6:39, 8 replies)
Is it just me
Or is the proximity of the word "hair" to the word "aureole" most disturbing?

Burgernips, we called my friend with this particular feature. He was a dude, though.
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 7:33, closed)

slips nips
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 8:03, closed)
how sheltered was your life?

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 8:06, closed)
Another true story, at this rate I will be in intensive care. Instead of the normal special care that I receive.

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 8:58, closed)
I can't help thinking
Aureoles is quite an odd word,so the chances of you stumbling over another word and say aureoles instead is unlikely....unless you really like Oreo biscuits

"Can you pass me the aureoles biscuits please... damn I mean show us your tits...fucksocks"
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 9:02, closed)
Oh oh ay oh-oh, oh oh way-oh!
Oh oh ay oh-oh, the white stuff!
In the middle of an aureole...
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 9:03, closed)
You mean areolae, you thick fuck.
An aureole would mean she was some kind of heavenly being.
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 15:04, closed)
ban this unwelcome correctness

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 15:19, closed)

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