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This is a question Pubs

Jeccy writes, "I've seen people having four-somes, fights involving spastics and genuine retarded people doing karaoke, all thanks to the invention of the common pub."

What's happened in your local then?

(, Thu 5 Feb 2009, 20:55)
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My most enduring pub memory

It had been a fucking awful day.

I felt cold, numb, utterly drained. The congregation had given a collective silent sigh as the service came to a conclusion. The priest led us all back toward the church from the graveyard, where he peeled off to one side and the rest of us made our way back to our cars.

Inveitably, it started to rain.

I looked down at my feet and noticed my shoes were muddy, I remember taking far too long to clean the mud off my shoes before I got into the car. I was with Greg's sister and my own sister in the back of one of the big black hire cars. I'd known Greg since I was nine and couldn't believe he was gone...

Still can't, really...

We went to the reception at a pub named the Anchor in a little village in leafy Northamptonshire. Nice place. Good food, free beer, but quite frankly I felt like shit and didn't want to do anything except go home and get into bed. Sleep this awful day out of my system.

Greg had been ill for fucking ages, but I never really understood it would end, that there would be such a brutal finality to it all.

After a while, trying not to look akward and failing, I noticed Greg's mum.

"Spanky, Greg wanted you to have this," she smiled and we had a little hug. I could see she was barely holding it together. She gave me a small envelope and after a moment or two she went off to talk to someone else.

I was feeling so fucking low. I'd just buried my best mate and here in my hands he was about to talk to me from beyond the fucking grave... All I wanted was him back and breathing and talking the usual shit he'd talk. But that just wasn't going to happen.

Feeling the need to smoke, I went out to the beer garden which was empty, the rain lashing down driving anyone sensible inside.

I quickly opened the envelope and for the first time that day I smiled, and then I started to laugh...

Inside on a single post it note, in his familiar spider scrawl, Greg had written:


Ahh, he is missed!
(, Sun 8 Feb 2009, 23:43, 12 replies)

I like Greg immensely.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 0:04, closed)
awwww mate, Greg sounds awesome
All I can think about now is what would I write on a post-it for my best mate? He's such a Futurama nut probably "ROBOT HOUSE!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkmB2fOj4DI)
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 0:27, closed)
What a guy.
I never met him, and I already like him. I can only hope that I'd have the presence of mind to act as he did, should similar circumstances occur. Bringing just a little light into someones life, right when the darkness seems choking.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 1:19, closed)
Having buried a couple...
Made me craugh.

I think mine will read - "Did my mum give you this? Was she smiling and walking bowlegged? Did she tell you how I gave her 1 up the jaxxy before I died?
Why don't you go and ask her about it now."
Wouldn't really work for me tho 'cause my mums dead.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 4:57, closed)
Greg was a top bloke
And he was absolutely correct - I am a cunt.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 9:19, closed)
Clickety click
Reading this I could feel the dampness slowly welling up in my eyes (I know I'm getting softer the older I get) Then SLAP! a smile and a giggle.
He had the last laugh and must have been smiling when he wrote it.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 10:06, closed)
Thats good
and sad
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 10:43, closed)
I like that muchly
You were lucky to have a friend like him I feel.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 11:43, closed)
Sounds like a fine chap.

(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 11:43, closed)
Have a click
for Greg.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 20:44, closed)
What a top bloke
Have a click, and a non-contact, not-at-all gay, manly hug.
(, Mon 9 Feb 2009, 22:59, closed)
Ace bloke
(, Wed 11 Feb 2009, 14:05, closed)

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