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This is a question Question of the Week suggestions

Each week we ask a question. The idea is to generate material that's:

* interesting to read, i.e. we won't get bored of reading the answers after about 10 of them
* not been asked on this site before
* fun to answer

What would you like to ask? (We've left this question open - so feel free to drop in ideas anytime.)

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:01)
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Oh yes man
Anyone I was mates with when I first started on B3TA twelve years ago was ace.

Where have they gone?
(, Tue 12 Dec 2017, 19:52, 2 replies, latest was 7 months ago)
Might as well start a christmas themed one now, eh?

(, Wed 22 Nov 2017, 18:21, 1 reply, 7 months ago)
Have you put something on top of another thing?
Don't tell us, we're not interested.
(, Mon 13 Nov 2017, 21:58, Reply)
have you ever bought any discounted food items from a supermarket?

(, Mon 6 Nov 2017, 14:13, 3 replies, latest was 8 months ago)
Is it OK to sexually harrass a paedophile?

(, Wed 1 Nov 2017, 0:36, 6 replies, latest was 8 months ago)
Tell us why you think YOU should be the next Top Mod of /QFTW

(, Sun 22 Oct 2017, 12:25, 5 replies, latest was 8 months ago)
Tales of the Unemployed
Have you ever spent any time on the rock n' roll? How did you pass the time? Perhaps you know a terminally unemployed life loser, shock us with tales of their immense flat screen TVs and generous state benefits entitlements!
(, Fri 20 Oct 2017, 8:08, Reply)
Does anyone remember that stupid old flash thing,
with a bunch of MPs from around the turn of the century, some music, and some disco lights? I think it featured Blair, Hague and Widdecombe among others. What was that called, and does anyone still have a link to it? Tried googling it and got nowhere.

Not a story question, but qotw is dead so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask something I kinda actually want to know.
(, Thu 19 Oct 2017, 23:57, Reply)
what made you cry
the last time you cried?
(, Wed 18 Oct 2017, 22:33, 4 replies, latest was 8 months ago)
The first time you paid for company
What happened the first time you dealt with a lady or gentleman of the night or if you never have, tells us about the interesting antidote or tale of disaster from your “friends” first encounter.

Sex sells baby, time to reserect QOWT!
(, Mon 9 Oct 2017, 6:58, 3 replies, latest was 9 months ago)
What is your dad's favourite film?
If you're not sure, ask him, then post it here. No? Fuck you then. Why don't YOU come up with something better? Cunt.
(, Tue 3 Oct 2017, 9:46, 6 replies, latest was 9 months ago)
Finding/losing cash.
Not gambling and such. But what about the first time as a kid you found a fiver and it blew your mind.

What did you do with your loot. I think I have found an above average amount of cash just lying about the place in my time. Once when I was 14 I found £20 and used it to get my hair bleached at a hair dressers. I fucking regretted that.

I had my wallet stolen in Rhyl by some pikeys (yeah and?) when I was about 7 I remember being devastated.

Alt: homosexual experiences with trannies from craigslist
(, Sun 24 Sep 2017, 20:30, Reply)
Are you an ICSer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current ICS? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Thu 14 Sep 2017, 8:21, Reply)

(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 20:36, Reply)
Ever tried watching telly using a Peperami Fire Stick?
Don't... you'll get spicy pork meat all over your telly's USB slot.
(, Tue 29 Aug 2017, 17:11, Reply)
How has B3ta affected your life?
Driving to work yesterday and listening to my audio book (‘River God’ if anybody is interested), and the little Egyptian prince (in conversation with another) says ‘I love horses’, to which I shout out to nobody in particular as I was alone in the car……’best of all the animals’ !!!!
How has B3ta influenced you in your normal or not so normal life.
(also Fucksocks….my favourite curse)
(, Wed 9 Aug 2017, 1:47, Reply)
Monobrow stories.

(, Sat 22 Jul 2017, 22:45, Reply)
Gwyneth Paltrow shoving things up her front bottom

(, Tue 18 Jul 2017, 0:24, Reply)
Who likes the new google news format?
Not I.
(, Wed 12 Jul 2017, 21:35, Reply)
summat about cocks and that

(, Wed 12 Jul 2017, 13:36, Reply)
What's up with wedding dresses eh?
A dress you can't use for anything else at all. You can't even use it again for your next wedding. It's a great scam!
(, Sun 9 Jul 2017, 11:53, Reply)
Mike Lindup fanfic

(, Mon 3 Jul 2017, 17:35, Reply)
London B3ta bash!
What will you be doing instead?
(, Tue 20 Jun 2017, 22:53, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
Tell us
how you really feel.
(, Thu 8 Jun 2017, 19:20, Reply)
Family Scandals
What skeletons are there in your family's collective cupboards? Tell us your shameful, scurrilous and generally regrettable family histories... for laughs.
(, Mon 22 May 2017, 14:18, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
Tuppence more and up goes the donkey!

(, Fri 19 May 2017, 9:57, Reply)
Best Childhood Memories
I once sent a painting into Why Don't You. They didn't show it on the tv programme, or mention me at all, but I got a nice letter back from them. That made 5 year old me very happy.

What happy memories have you from childhood?
(, Thu 4 May 2017, 21:37, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
stupid shit with added shit on top

(, Tue 2 May 2017, 14:07, 2 replies, latest was 1 year ago)

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