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This is a question Racist grandparents

It Came From Planet Aylia says: "My husband's mad Auntie Joan accused the man seven doors down of stealing her milk as he was the first black neighbour she had. She doesn't even get her milk delivered." Tell us about casual racism from oldies.

Thanks to Brayn Dedd who suggested this too

(, Thu 27 Oct 2011, 11:54)
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Great QOTW
I know a lot of people have had a downer on this weeks question, but I've found it a fascinating insight into the views of the general public.

It's a bit like pulling back the covers to reveal the repressed feelings of individuals who don't speak their mind only because of fear of criticism rather than because they think it's wrong.

I'm mixed raced and have encountered my fair share of racism (mainly in the 80's & 90's). It's still there, just whispered rather than shouted.

Anyway, my kids are mixed raced and for the time-being oblivious to the prejudice that exists in the world. One afternoon over dinner, my father-in-law referred to the guy over the road as "the coloured chap". Cue my wife and I looking at each other aghast.

My boy who's nearly four piped up immediately "What, like the people in Avatar?"
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 9:49, 10 replies)
Lanky blue buggers, coming over here and stealing our unobtainium
But seriously, your son is a star!
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 11:06, closed)

Ignorance truly is bliss.
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 18:06, closed)
I can't like this enough.
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 19:16, closed)
All of this racism hasn't made me down
just left me feeling blue.
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 19:47, closed)
proper lols
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 22:23, closed)
Is that racist?
I am genuinely asking. I'm brown and never minded being referred to as brown. It's my skin colour and as a description it's pretty apt. Isn't it the same thing?
(, Tue 1 Nov 2011, 23:26, closed)
^kinda this^
my kids who are young, mixed race and pretty innocent to racism will describe someone as they physically see them - white, brown, tall, short, fat, thin. Is there anything wrong with that - course not !
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 0:08, closed)

good for you. course it is not racist; just stating the obvious. Couldn't care less if I get called Pakeha.
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 8:25, closed)

I once worked with a mixed-race guy from Zimbabwe (this is not a limerick) who would be mortally offended if he was referred to as 'black' or indeed 'brown'.

The acceptable term in his opinion was 'beige'.

I couldn't think of a worst way to be described.
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 12:56, closed)
Beige is just the right description for some people.

I'm like a bassett's all sorts of genetics: my skin colour does the following:-

Winter: pale
Summer: swarthy
All other times: beige
(, Wed 2 Nov 2011, 14:16, closed)

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