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This is a question World of Random

There's a pile of scrap timber, rubble and general turds in the road opposite my work with a hand-written sign reading "Free Shed". Tell us about random, completely hatstand stuff and people you've seen

Suggested by Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic

(, Thu 21 Apr 2011, 11:38)
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Picture the scene
A balmy spring morning in the early 1990s, and a young Costas is sitting in an A-Level Physics lesson. Our teacher is explaining the laws of thermodynamics, heat engines and so forth. Suddenly, he realises that he's left an essential piece of equipment in the storeroom, and so instructs the class to read the next page of the textbook while he dashes down the corridor to fetch it.

We sit reading intently as his footsteps fade into the distance and the rooms falls silent.

Ten seconds later, we hear more footsteps. At the door, a gaggle of seven or eight Japanese businessmen appear. They stand in the doorway, chattering away, have a quick glance around the classroom, take a few photos, then shuffle off.

Thirty seconds later, the teacher returns with his equipment.

We never spoke of our visitors.
(, Thu 21 Apr 2011, 23:44, 2 replies)
That's fabulous!

(, Fri 22 Apr 2011, 13:58, closed)
Perhaps, you were victims of a psychological experiment.
It's the kind of experiment I'd do, if I were an experimental psychologist.
(, Sun 24 Apr 2011, 15:45, closed)

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